Enshrouding mist

VladG0015 Posts: 48
There is a glitch with the enshrouding mist that it prevents the creature from being destroyed by any means instead of just preventing damage.

I've encountered that problem multiple time in QB and tried different ways to kill it (i.e. Scour from Existance, Ob Nix's "Tormant" ability, reave soul and so on).

Please look into it. I enjoy playing that card myself but I still find it an unfair disadvantage that it makes a creature indestructible.

Thank you.


  • Upstartes
    Upstartes Posts: 98
    I guess the question is: is this "working as intended" or is it a bug?
  • Plastic
    Plastic Posts: 762 Critical Contributor
    Pretty sure it's working as intended as far as this game goes. Paper MtG rules don't always translate the same to this game.