Trade-up Mechanism for Duplicate Cards

BigMao Posts: 117
I propose replacing the current mechanism for converting duplicates to runes with something we may collectively be much happier about:

- 10 duplicate Commons for an Uncommon of your choice
- 10 duplicate Uncommons for a Rare of your choice
- 10 duplicate Rares for a Mythic of your choice
- 4 duplicate Mythics for a Mythic of your choice


- 5 duplicate Commons for a random Uncommon
- 5 duplicate Uncommons for a random Rare
- 5 duplicate Rares for a random Mythic
- 2 duplicate Mythics for a random Mythic

This means our duplicate cards won't always lead to pure frustration. At the same time, it's still a difficult enough system that players shouldn't significantly reduce the money they're spending. The outcome should be a net positive for everyone (better player retention, and perhaps even higher sales of packs).

Of course, those of us who have already converted tons of duplicates may be slightly frustrated, but I think this is still much better than the current system.


  • MTG_Mage
    MTG_Mage Posts: 224 Tile Toppler
    Great Idea. The second option where you trade in x cards of a certain rarity for 1 random other card of that rarity is something I can see them realistically implementing. It would be great to get some feedback from the developers on this or any other way of getting new cards. I posted a similar idea in another thread viewtopic.php?f=36&t=43059 and would really like some feedback on those ideas as well.