Emeryt is looking for an alliance with active forum members!

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Hi there.

First, something about me:
* 32yrs old, male, Poland (GMT+1).
* dedicated player.
* teamwork kind of guy - I can sacrifice myself for the sake of the team.
* i play a lot (2-10hrs a day). Steam version.
* i spend a lot of time on MPQ forums, reading and writing.
* have all characters, highest Punisher and Hulk at 110. In the process of leveling more ***star chars.
* 13chars level 50-110, making my roster viable in any kind of tourney.
* i usually place top1-50 in tourneys.
* i spend more than 200bucks on this game.
* long-time comics fan.

my cover statistics:
levels able to obtain: 734
levels obtained: 1594
covers to obtain: 100
covers obtained: 328
characters with full covers: 20 out of 35

What kind of an Alliance i'm looking for?
* dedicated players
* preferably people who are active on MPQ forums

Well, that's it. PM me or add me on Skype - olga_siemaszko


  • Sent you a PM, if you are still looking.
  • Ok, I'm in an alliance. Thanks for all the PMs!

    Look of for the scAvengers! Marvel Puzzle Quest - here we go!