*** The Hood (Classic) ***



  • BlackSheep101
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    Hood also can't steal TU ap, so rushing to a strong team up power can work, too.
  • CrookedKnight
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    For the current PvE, Iron Man model 40 can be very useful because his yellow is low-cost and if all the tiles survive you can launch high-cost red/blue powers (and moderate-cost green ones) regardless of his AP theft.
  • jobob
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    Iron Fist is always a go-to for me against Hood.

    First, the auto-strike tile power requires no AP, so you're constantly doing some damage. IF, Daken, Falcon can put a ton of damage out without ever needing any AP.

    Second, his purple only costs 5 AP... which is important, meaning Hood can't steal enough AP to stop it if you make purple matches on back-to-back turns, and a match-5 on the first turn means you can cast it then. This is an awesome move if you have a 5* with black as a main color, as it can generate some high-damage cascades. If not, consider Cage, as he has a cheap black... it's very common to get 6 black AP just from IF purple, so you can double up right there before Hood can steal.

    Third, if you aren't bringing a black user... IF helps mitigate Hood's AP steal by pretty much relegating it to only draining black, as it puts so much of it on the board. That way it can help "protect" your stash of other AP colors.

    Loki isn't awful, since he can steal some of that AP back, and has a cheap board shake ability that will help generate some extra AP (just be careful, it can leave a lot for Hood to steal)

    If you have a 5*, even one with only 1 cover, this is a good place to use them because of the match damage. Especially with a boost.

    If you are still in the 2* - 3* range, OBW and her bonus match damage and AP steal are very good, as they can negate some of Hood's steal, and the extra damage doesn't require any AP (and is also modified by strike tiles)

    Ice is a good 4*... if you take the blue/purple AP boost, you have a few turns to make 2 blue matches to stun Hood for multiple turns.

    Avoid: High AP moves, or characters that eliminate one color from the board (e.g. 3* Magneto), as this sends Hood's AP steal into overdrive.
  • Selvokaz
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    This guy is insanely good when paired with Scarlet Witch and Super Soldier Steve Rogers. Because Scarlet witch always puts down a friendly countdown tile thus his black always has its extra benefit used. However it's when you build up enough blue and red that his black really starts to shine and the game or match becomes almost unfair for your opponents. making the countdown timer go down by 1 might not seem like much at first but you got to remember steve gets back ap when his powers go off, so things are just going to keep speeding up and happening more and more often as you gain excessive ap.

    his yellow keeps the enemies special tiles at bay and while it might seem expensive, with the team above 2/3s of the enemy being stunned for 2 or more rounds is very likely if not the whole team in some cases.

    as far as his stealing ap, with the team above and cap usually making none blue tiles blue by using his blue on them means you'll likely be stealing more blue ap most of the time, which means more precision stunning + aoe damage and stunning from SW occasionally.. the team is deadly once they get going.
  • richterbelmont10
    Thanks for all the suggestions on how to deal with this dirty thief. I have OML and Fist, so I really like that combo. The Hood is pretty squishy, so slowly punching him to death with Iron Fist's attack tile is good (~500 damage per turn) while doing 5* match damage with Red, Black, and Yellow (also ~500 damage per turn).

    I did use IM40 against this guy and I made 2 yellow matches = 6 AP right off the bat. Just as I was about to hit my Recharge, Hood steals my yellow. Dirty rat!!! After that I couldn't find another yellow match in what seemed like forever. This has happened more than once.
  • OzarkBoatswain
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    I notice that if you cast Twin Pistols then get a match-5, your turn now continues normally. This didn't happen before.