Event Idea:Custom Decks, Random Planeswalkers

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We haven't had a SINGLE "Event" so far in the lifetime of this game. This isn't a good sign. Are we running a bit short on ideas or something? Might as well throw something out there to try and get something going for us so that we all aren't busy doing quick battles all the time!

The idea of this "Event" is simple: build a 10-card deck of ANY number of colors as you please. Just like in the paper form of Magic! How will you build your "ultimate" deck strategy? A little from all 5 colors or focus on a couple? Here's the one catch: you do not know who your Planeswalker will be before you begin battle!! Then you'll fight as if it was a quick battle - only the decks you'll use are from other players that are under the same rules. Some really crazy decks and strategies will come out with this!

Just for clarification - this event will have it's own deck slot... so don't worry about having to delete one of your normal quick battle decks for a planeswalker.