Suggestion: Beat All the Planeswalkers, Get a Prize

EDHdad Posts: 609 Critical Contributor
As an alternative to slogging it out in 3,000 player brackets, I'd like to see a PvP mode where you play a gauntlet of each of the 11 planeswalkers in succession. If you beat them all you get a predetermined prize.

The prize might be something like a rare (possibility of mythic) plus some crystals (10 to 20), plus a pack (3 card or 5 card). If you lose a match, maybe the prize gets a little worse but you can still play on. After you win 11 matches, you could start over from the beginning.

At present, the PvP mode rewards a fast, aggressive play style over a slower control style. It also rewards people who start in later brackets and punishes people who start in earlier brackets. A predetermined gauntlet with a predetermined prize would mitigate some of these issues.


  • Plastic
    Plastic Posts: 762 Critical Contributor
    I was also thinking it would be cool to promote using more planeswalkers with some type of challenge that requires a player to have one of each color PW leveled to 60 and then have to get successive wins using them all in a random order. This would give people a reason to actually branch out from just the 1-3 PW they use regularly. It might even give people a reason to purchase a PW if they don't like one of the 5 original ones.

    There are so many different things that can be done to spice up the pvp and events in this game. It really needs something because speed runs for 20 hours within 2-3 days is getting old.