When playing Sylvan Scrying vs a neutral AI

So maybe this would be better suited for the "suggestions" forum, but I feel as though the card "Sylvan Scrying" isn't intended to do this (though, I'm open to being wrong).

I've found that when your opponent is a neutral color (i.e. certain AI in the campaign), playing this card does absolutely nothing. I'd expect it to change 5 random gems, or even one of each color, but currently it's just an absolute waste of 8 mana.

This is definitely a low-priority bug (at least compared to some of the others icon_e_confused.gificon_e_wink.gif ), but I just thought I'd mention it nonetheless - as a search for the card turned up nothing.


  • majincob
    majincob Posts: 732 Critical Contributor
    FWIW to me this is working as intended. The story challenges is the only place where this issue will come up, and they are supposed to be build around anyway. So you can swap that card out before playing the colorless missions. In QB where you can't sideboard because of random opponents this isn't an issue due to no colorless planeswalkers.
  • shteev
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    It also does nothing when played against a green AI, so it will happen quite a lot in QuickBattle.