PW Rebalance

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I think everyone remembers how nearly unstoppable Jace was, pre-update (Meddler was a real 'gem'). Now, post-update, Chandra became the new Jace.

I'll address the PW first, mainly the rebalance in her abilities. 3 mana per Flameshot means several things:

1) Flameshot spam;
2) Damage boost to any creature or a guaranteed -4 to your PW nearly every turn, because see 1);
3) Free removal of your activations and supports, because the AI has an uncanny ability to hit them ea time it flameshoots you;
4) Nearly once-per-turn chance to rearrange unlikely combinations of gems on the board with the 3x3 nuke;
5) Combination of offensive spells + PW spells = effectively remove everything yours from the board;

These are only the 1st ones to come to mind. Next we have things such as Volcanic Rambler with its x2 5x5 and a ridiculous 8 mana cost that adds to the massacre of friendly supports, Abbot who does the same for a slightly increased cost (ultimately it's just 1 mana, because once summoned he both nukes a 3x3 and adds 6 mana to a card he draws), Demolish with a cost of 3 and a 3x3, the list goes on.

Suffice to say that as it stands now, playing against a red AI means playing a lottery. I am not calling for cards' rebalance, but maybe it's worth revisiting the PW abilities ?

Edit: Flameshot deals 4 dmg, not 3.


  • buffbeardo
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    I defintely agree that Chandra's first ability needs a GENTLE nerf. I love using red magic, always have and always will. But, I must admit the current state of Chandra's first ability results in decreased viability of the other plainswalkers. Maybe increase the loyalty cost from 3 to 6 as a start and go from there. I hate bringing up nerfs cus devs imo have a tendency to go overboard on them. I don't think the cards need addressing at this point cus their random draw probability takes care of them. Sometimes u get them, sometimes u don't and the probability of drawing them can be increased by adding cards while having to make cuts. However, we are always guaranteed to start with the plainswalker we choose and the abilities that accompany him/her. Just my 2 cents.
  • Ap00calypse
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    Basically, with a very generic deck of 4 creatures and 6 spells (not even including the notorious Embermaw), Chandra is guaranteed to steamroll the opposition 9 times out of 10, against any other PW (herself included). The only way you can lose with Chandra is if the RNG gives you a huge, rotten lemon with the cards and/or gems, whilst the opponent keeps getting all the good stuff. Sadly, this applies to Chandra alone, since the rest of the PWs are half-baked compared to her (at best).

    Didn't she have 6 mana per 1st ability before the update ? Jace was absolutely devastating with 3 mana per 1st and -6 power, and now he can barely get by - esp vs the red deck, since blue historically relies on supports. By the time any other PW get their 1st creature out, Chandra is already locked and loaded, keeps spamming Flameshots and nuking things left, right and centre...
  • Ap00calypse
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    This just in, Chandra vs Nissa. Nissa managed to put out 2 (two) Hangarbacks, Chandra still won with 45 hp left. No Embermaw, no mythics, 4 creatures + 6 spells deck.