Only allow free turn based on first move, and not cascade

So I get that this being a match-3 game, there's an element of luck. However, getting an extra turn gives the player (or AI) a HUGE advantage - they can take that time to reorder cards, cast abilities, and make a new plan of attack. As such, I feel as though the free turn you get from getting a match 5 should only be allowed if that match 5 occurs based on the initial input, and not from the resulting cascade.

To clarify, I've had the AI match 3 of a color and it starts a cascade. The result of this is tiles dropping and a 5-match being activated. Then the AI magically gets a free turn for something they didn't even plan on. I'm aware limiting this free turn would all affect me (ie the player) getting that very lucky free turn, but it's worth it, as I've seen the AI get 3+ free turns in a row as a result (mostly when playing against Nissa).


  • HomeRn
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    I don't see how this would be a "fair" balancing as this doesn't really change much other than slowing the game down. It would mess up players more than the AI as the AI normally doesn't always make the optimal move to trigger cascades into said 5 gem matches.
  • Upstartes
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    The AI also sometimes makes a 4-match when it could have made a 5-match instead. So the AI is already not as good at getting an extra turn as a player.