Cards with " ...if X gems on board"

Plastic Posts: 762 Critical Contributor
I know it's not hard to just count the gems before casting but I figure this would be a nice QoL change.

For spells like Ravaging Blaze though, sometimes when it's filled up after several cascades, it's hard to see what's on the board because the spell is prompting the player to use it or not. There have been times that it did matter if 8 red gems were on the board and would determine whether I used it a certain way or not but I could not scan the board to see if I would get the effect to trigger.

Is there a way to make the card glow to indicate it will trigger the bonus? Some type of visual indication would be great.


  • shteev
    shteev Posts: 2,031 Chairperson of the Boards
    I notice this when my Ravaging Blaze or Gideon's Phalanx is in the process of being cast. The box pops up at the front of the screen asking if I want to cast it, and there's no way to dismiss it so I can look at the board and count the gems. I mean, I can count the gems in advance, but if a big cascade happens and the board changes a lot, there's not always time to do this.