Game should get an *award*

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Sounds positive but is the opposite.

The reward would be the reward for the most grindy and repetetive game ever made. Seriously who really wants to grind 20+ hours to get rank one? Who wants to do the same boring stuff for hours and hours and hours?

And what is wrong with your pricing developer? More than 50 € for a planeswalker and a bunch of cards? For that amount of money you get almost new games for any console or PC. I really hope you change the game soon, I will just be around and watch the development. Right it develops in a direction I really dislike. I really hope more people boycott the "marketing strategy" of d3...


  • I think you mean "award."

    But yeah, this is history repeating itself, to be honest. This game is made by D3, the same people that brought you Marvel Puzzle Quest. If you think this game is grindy, then holy geez, go play that game and come back appreciating this game in a whole new way icon_e_wink.gif

    And they haven't even added events into this game yet. Once they do, if they are anything like MPQ's, you can expect to spend 10-20 hours of your weekend on them.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Moving to Feedback & Suggestions.
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    And still, nothing has changed... No need to thank for the feedback if you're not going to change anything the playerbase wants. You still just want to make lots of money for a below average game. You don't want to improve the game... You just want to milk the cow as long as it has a decent amount of players.
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    There are 139 different levels available in Story Mode, each of which has 3 objectives which will give you prizes. You get an additional prize if you beat the level using a Planeswalker of each color, so that's up to 695 different games you can play without setting foot in PvP mode.

    If you don't want to grind to get the top prize in PvP mode, don't grind to get the top prize in PvP mode.

    If you don't want to pay $50 for a new Planeswalker, don't pay $50 for a new Planeswalker.
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    So you mean don't critize a game which has great potential because, well don't play it if you don't like it as it is? Yup, thats totally how it works... What if I told you I am done with the story, and have been #1 in Pvp for quite some times. Thats nothing that keeps the playerbase at an unfinished game. Very constructive post of yours, good job!
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    Sorry. I didn't mean to offend.

    If you've completed every story mode in all 5 colors, then it shows you don't need to spend $50 on a Planeswalker in order to enjoy the game.

    If you've captured the #1 spot in PvP mode several times, it shows you didn't need that prize in order to compete.

    I agree that $50 is more than I was personally willing to pay for Kiora, but all that means is that I didn't buy Kiora. When she's available for crystals, I'll probably get her then if I have enough crystals. If I don't have enough crystals, I'll make do without her.

    I bought Garruk, Ob Nixilis and Gideon II for crystals and enjoy them very much. Others paid cash or won them in PvP and got them earlier.

    One person reported on this board that they spent 35 hours of grinding to win a Garruk a few weeks back. That was their choice. Hopefully, they enjoyed the excitement of the competition and the thrill of winning a prize. But it wasn't strictly necessary to go through all that to have a Garruk. A different person might have taken things easier, won some crystals here and there, and now that person might have the same Garruk.

    My humble suggestion, with no offense intended: If it's fun for you to compete for the top prize, then compete for the top prize. If you feel it's a drag or a grind, then don't do it. Lower your expectations and go for a smaller prize, or find a different activity which you actually enjoy.

    This game isn't pay-to-win until the day that you literally cannot win unless you pay cash money. It may be "pay to have this week's shiny new toy a few weeks before everyone else", but that's not the same thing.