Damage should last all turn

heykirby Posts: 12
In tabletop Magic if you burn a creature and then kill something that's boosting it, all the damage combines on the turn to kill it.

MtGPQ example.

Opponent has Chief of the Foundry in play (gives other creatures +1/+1). He played Pia to bring in four thopters. Chief makes the thopters a 5/5. I use Chandra's second ability to blast everybody for 4. Chief goes to 3/0. Thopters goes to 5/1. Chief leaves play. Thopters become 4/1. When did -1/-1 become -1/0 just to save creatures?


  • VladG0015
    VladG0015 Posts: 48
    That's actually one of the things they got right.

    To be honest youre just contradicting yourself. Chief of Foundey's ability give topters a temporary +1/+1 hence the temporary toughness takes the damage for the creature.

    Chandra's ability simultaneously deals damege to all opp. creatures not the first then second then third as the animation would have you believe.

    If you were to kill the chief first i.e. exquisite firecraft and then use then ability to deal 4 damage to each of opponent's creatures then you'd kill it.