In-app notification of card changes

jdantonio Posts: 7
When cards in your collection are changed, the app should notify you do that you can update your decjs.

I hadn't played Jace in a while so I played him today. I quickly discovered that Mizzium Meddler is a shadow of his former self. I'm pretty angry about that, but I'm willing to accept that cards will occasionally change for balance. What I feel is unacceptable is that I discovered mid-battle.

I shouldn't have to read every forum post and fully understand every change just to know how my decks will play. Even if this change had been announced in the patch notes (another issue entirely) I would still have needed to leave the game just to reliably ay the game. This seems unnecessarily onerous.

A good UX change would be to clearly notify me on app start that changes have occurred. "One or more cards in your collection have had power adjustments. Click here to learn more." This would give me an opportunity to update my deck before jumping into battle.