Low GFX setting to improve gameplay!

Hydroxph Posts: 19 Just Dropped In
I have been playing this game during the early weeks since its release and gradually after every update the game continues to get more slower and laggy.

I'm pretty sure that a low quality setting will definitely improve the performance on older technology that's running this game.

I'm currently playing on a Nexus 7 tablet that has 1GB ram which runs the game pretty well for being a device which is 4 years old,

but as the updates started coming out the menus got really slow, and even the gameplay is started to catch up with the lagg.

But if it continues at this rate I might have to buy new tablet which will cost about $400 or just quit playing the game all together.

I've also tried many alternatives such as..."Andyroid" but with little luck because the game won't install on to the emulator.


Nexus 7 Model: ME370T
Android OS: 4.3
16GB Flash Storage