Different Formats

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Paper MTG has a number of different formats in which different cards are legal, and it keeps the game fresh, and means that some cards which would otherwise never be played at all get the chance to see some love. 2 formats in particular seem like they'd apply very well to Magic Puzzle Quest:

'Block' format - where only cards from one single block are playable (currently 2 such formats could exist, Origins and BFZ).
'Pauper' format - where only common cards are legal.

It seems like so many cards from BFZ are being ignored in QuickBattle because there are better alternatives, and introducing different formats like this could let them get their time in the sun.

And since opponents are AI controlled, there's no need to split up the player base to introduce new leaderboards... everyone can play every format, all the time!


  • PapiLouis4
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    That would be pretty cool to see, im sure theyve already thought of this for future events since it seems so prominent in paper mtg.

    something like only allowing your deck 1 mythic, 2 rares, 3 uncommon and 4 common would be fun as well.