Howabout only locking up once at the end of a game?

shteev Posts: 2,031 Chairperson of the Boards
Hiya, I'm playing on QuickBattle on Sunday 1st May, so there's probably a lot of traffic since everyone's trying to get in the top 10 for a free Garruk. What this means is that the game is locking up for periods of 5-20 seconds quite frequently. It was doing it last night, too, although not this morning.

It mostly (althought not always) locks up at particular times...
- The first time you click on your planeswalker to reveal their abilities
- The moment your opponent hits 0 life
- Returning to the QuickBattle start screen

It's a bit depressing end each game with a lockup, and then having to click on a couple of buttons to dismiss them, and then locking up again. How about you make it lock up just once?

I'm playing on a Galaxy S5 Neo, btw.