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'Civil War' Details - Part II

David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2,872 Site Admin
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Forum folks,

We know you still have some questions about the upcoming Civil War events. You've probably skimmed through the recently-posted 'Civil War' Event Info. Here's some additional info from Demiurge that we hope you'll find useful. Thanks!

Additional 'Civil War' Details

Who’s side will you be on?

We are extremely excited to have everyone play in the new Civil War Event. The event is a boss battle like Galactus and Ultron, with some new mechanics. We know everyone is deciding what side they want to choose and we have some information that will hopefully help you make that decision.

General Information
    • The Civil War event starts at 12:00pm EDT on Thursday May 5th and will run for three and a half days. There will be a second run of the event at 12:00pm EDT on Thursday May 26th. • Winter Soldier will be a featured hero for Team Cap during the first run of the event. War Machine will be a featured hero for Team Iron Man during the second run of the event. • Every playable character in the game is playable on each side. • The featured characters for each side for the first run of the Civil War Event:
    o Team Cap - Team Cap (any), Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch, Human Torch (any), Daredevil, Hawkeye (any), Steve Rogers (any), Sam Wilson (any), Punisher (any), Thing, Storm (any) o Team Iron Man - Team Iron Man (any), Iron Man (Any), Black Panther, Black Widow (Any), Mr. Fantastic, Vision, Quake, Ares, Captain Marvel (any)

• Powered-Up characters for each side:
    o Team Cap - Winter Soldier, Scarlet Witch Hawkeye (Modern), Steve Rogers (all), Sam Wilson (all), Thing, Ant-Man, Punisher (Dark Reign), Human Torch (all), Daredevil, Storm (Classic), Storm (Modern) o Team Iron Man - Iron Man (all), Black Panther, Black Widow (all), Mr. Fantastic, Nick Fury, Quake, Vision, Captain Marvel (all), Ares

Alliance Mechanics
    • The first 20 people who join the event under an alliance are locked into that leaderboard for the remainder of the event. • If you join the event for an alliance that already has 20 people in the same leaderboard, you’ll be put into another leaderboard for the remainder of the event. • Your alliance must choose a side to fight on. This event is balanced so an Alliance can complete one of the Boss Battles, but not both. Trying to switch sides will not help you. • If you're not sure which side you want to play, it's okay to try both, but your alliance should focus on one side to get the best rewards. • Missions completed on one side are locked out for both sides until the mission refreshes.

Boss Versions of New Characters

Boss versions of Steve Rogers and Iron Man will be opponent for the event. The boss versions have slightly different powers from their playable counterparts. Here are the abilities for the Boss Versions:

Iron Man (Civil War)

Winning Team - 6 Red AP
“You know I’m going to win eventually, right? Iron Man lets loose a barrage of repulsor blasts while his systems reach full power. Deals damage and creates random Charged tiles.

(PASSIVE) At the start of the turn, if there are more than 8 charged tiles, destroy all of them.”

Girl FRIDAY - 12 Blue AP
Ok, FRIDAY, let’s hit ‘em where it hurts. Converts tiles of the enemy’s strongest color basic tiles to Red. After the board settles, destroys all remaining basic Red tiles (Does not generate AP).

(PASSIVE) Iron Man cannot be stunned or sent airborne.

House Party Protocol - 8 Yellow AP
Welcome to the party, boys. Iron Man empties the vaults and calls his back-up armor to his aid. Replaces up to two of Iron Man’s downed or missing teammates with autonomous Iron Man Drones.

(PASSIVE) When Iron Man becomes downed, down all House Party Protocol Drones.

Steve Rogers (Civil War)

Earth’s Mightiest Vigilantes - 0 Yellow AP
(PASSIVE) Captain America calls his allies to stand by his side. If Cap is the last member of his team and one does not already exist, creates a Fortified Countdown tile which adds Sam Wilson, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, or Winter Soldier to his team.

Shield Bash - 9 Red AP
Shield raised, Steve charges forward, deflecting incoming projectiles and smacking his enemy where it hurts. Deals damage to the target and creates Protect tiles.

(PASSIVE) Captain America cannot be stunned or sent airborne.

Coordinated Offensive - 7 Blue AP
Time to take the fight to them. Remove friendly Strike, Protect, and Attack tiles. For each tile removed, deal damage and grant allies a burst of health.

(PASSIVE) At the start of each turn, Captain America generates Red AP for each teammate.

    • Notable progression rewards for each side are:
    o Team Cap:  Player Awards - Hawkeye (Modern) and Scarlet Witch Covers, Team Cap vault tokens and a Team Cap Legendary token  Round Awards - Team Cap vault tokens, Sam Wilson covers, a Team Cap Legendary token and a yellow power cover for Steve Rogers (First Avenger) o Team Iron Man:  Player Awards - Black WIdow (Original) and Black Panther Covers, Team Iron Man vault tokens and a Team Iron Man Legendary token  Round Awards - Team Iron Man vault tokens, Iron Man (Hulkbuster) covers, a Team Iron Man Legendary token and a red power cover for Iron Man (Mark XLVI)
• There are two vaults and a store for the event: Team Cap Vault, Team Iron Man Vault, and Civil War Legendary Store.

• Vaults
    o The vaults have 80 items o The Team Cap Vault has at least 1 Winter Soldier cover and the Team Iron Man Vault has at least one Iron Man (Hulkbuster)

• Civil War Legendary store
    o There are two different types of packs: Rogers and Stark packs. o Tokens are awarded in the event and additional packs can be purchased with 30 command points. o The contents of these packs include a 10% chance for Steve Rogers (First Avenger) cover or Iron Man (Mark XLVI) cover (depending on which pack you choose) and the rest of the contents will be the same as normal Legendary packs.

• After the second run of the event, Steve Rogers (First Avenger) and Iron Man (Mark XLVI) will be added to the Latest Legends packs replacing Jean Grey (Phoenix) and Spider-Man (Back in Black). Spider-Man (Back in Black) will be added to the Classic Legends pack.
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