Stacking free boosters

Morphis Posts: 975
Some way to stack unclaimed free booster should be implemented.

This is a problem not only cause you can in effect lose packs but also cause the timer starts when we claim it.

So if we are 1 hour late that is 1/8 lost pack. You cannot expect ppl to run alarm clocks to avoid it.
A 2 free booster stack with fixed times would do it.
The way clash royals does it with free chests for the ones that know that game.


  • The issue with this is that they would be "awarding" players who only check the game once a day (or less). They want you to come back as often as possible, hence stacking is something they'd never add in (unfortunately)
  • buffbeardo
    buffbeardo Posts: 154
    I cannot envision a reason why the devs would do this. As it is, some players only log in to get the free packs. Why would the devs want to encourage less daily visitations?
  • EDHdad
    EDHdad Posts: 609 Critical Contributor
    On the whole, I like the way they handle daily prizes. If you mentally prepare yourself to get 1-2 free packs per day, it works out fine.

    I also like the way they do the once per day prizes. It always resets at the same time each day, so as long as you log in during that 24 hour period, you'll get your reward. I also like the fact that you can get a fat pack after 21 daily rewards in a calendar month, even if you missed a day here and there.

    I've played some other games where the daily rewards set 24 hours after you got your last reward. So, if you got it at 6 AM, then then next day 6:15 AM, you had to wait until 6:15 AM to get your next one. Then if you slept in on the weekend or something, everything would be completely out of whack. And it didn't even tell you what time your day began. So this is better.

    I do miss the ability to buy 3-card packs with runes. Or being able to do anything with runes other than level up planeswalkers. I appreciate that you get more runes these days than you used to, but I'd like to be able to do something with them.