need foil cards or similar

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The slowing down of rewards leads me to believe the devs are worried their game will get stale too quickly because once the collection is done, people will churn. (Ironically, I believe the slowing down of rewards will make people churn much faster.) So the obvious and well-established answer is to add another non-gameplay level of collection like foil cards or foil PWs or something.

With another level of truly difficult collection, they could reinstate a decent collection rate on gameplay cards but still have reasons for people to keep playing and keep earning for the hard-to-get "cosmetic" rewards. It adds end-game for minimal effort (no new cards or other IP) and follows well-trodden, working precedent. It allows more people to actually get INTO the game with decent collections (because the devs don't have to be so horrid with the normal card rates) AND also rewards those who play a lot by giving them bragging-rights bonuses while keeping them engaged. It's a win-win.


  • JaceShearer
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    I think that a great way to implement this would be a trade in of a few copies of a card in your collection to get a foil version of the same card.
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    Adding foils is a great idea. I also like the idea of trading multiple duplicates of a card for the foil version, however the devs will need to compensate those who have used the convert duplicates button, which is a bad idea anyway.
    Foils can have a constant glimmering/sparkling graphical effect since this is a video game, and that would be really cool.