ATPQ Patch Notes (04/25/16)

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ATPQ v1.93.520905

New Features...
• You can now train characters with Magic Dust from the Roster and Party windows.
• Recruits can now be used to upgrade your roster members and increase their abilities!
• Leveling up your special abilities:
    Upgrade your character’s special ability Rank by merging two of the same characters. For example; you can level up Finn’s "Column Crusher" Bronze ability to Rank 2 by combining him with another Bronze Finn. To level up Finn’s "Mathematical!" Silver ability to Rank 2, you will need to combine a Silver Finn. Gold abilities require gold characters to be combined.
• When combining duplicate characters, the character with the highest level is kept.
• Removed the following items for use (they can still be sold at Choose Goose):
    • Perfect Bug Milkshake • Perfect Sandwich • Perfect Apple Pie • Monster Stew

Other Changes...
• If you have less than 4 members in your Roster, Wishes are now guaranteed to give you a character you do not already own.
• Barb has been hoarding Pickles, and defeating her now provides 2 instead of 1.
• The game will now occasionally ask for feedback if you have been playing for a while.
• Passive Rank is now tied to tier.
    • Bronze characters have a Rank 1 passive. • Silver characters have a Rank 2 passive. • Gold characters have a Rank 3 passive.

Visual Updates
• Improved appearance of ability icons on iOS devices.
• Improved appearance of many scene backgrounds on iOS devices.

Bug Fixes
• Battle victory now hinges on all enemies being dead instead of all players being alive at the end of a battle. This fixes a crash when the last enemy dies to a Reflect Shield after killing the last player.
• 1-time Quest rewards from boss nodes should no longer be incorrectly reported as received after they have been received the first time.
• Improved loading screen progress while loading cached assets.
• Reduced timeout delay for server connections to attempt retries faster.
• The revive timer should no longer reappear on previously dead characters while the device is sleeping.
• Reduced the chance that the inventory would become locked in some circumstances.
• Fixed some missing text localization.
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