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I was wondering what people's favorite PvEs were, for any reason really be it fun or practical. Maybe you just like the writing (like Webbed Wonders), or that it comes with free covers (Growth Industries or The Hulk), or maybe it's just one that's easy and convenient to grind, I don't know. Thoughts?
The Deadpool vs. MPQ PvE has always been a good one just on the fact that being given some extra imcoin.png and iso8.png is never unwelcome.


  • dr tinykittylove
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    I like dp vs mpq because it has 2 48hr subs for minimal grind. icon_e_smile.gif plus a nice variety of enemies, though it desperately needs to be updated. Maybe add a special track with all the missing 4-5* opponents! (And, uh... ultron and symbiote goons? Or how about no thanks!)

    Webbed wonder was cute, and if not for the smallcat symbiotes feeding carnage red, I'd put in a vote for venom bomb with Miles introduction too. And the Ghost rider thing.

    Cho and Antman pves are nice but too short, once and done for me.

    EOTS is good for casual non-release, old system pve with lots of tokens and iso.

    Basically, please have new pves for new characters!

    Also, I miss Ultron. When's the big fella coming back?
  • Smudge
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    Maybe it's cliche, but I like the big alliance events the most myself (Galactus and Ultron). They are much more of a puzzle than standard PvE, which is what gets them my vote without a second thought.

    Webbed Wonder was a nice, humorous change of pace in spite of repeated enemies and maddening feeder nodes. I love DP v. MPQ for the humor and the nifty little built-in bonuses. Call me crazy, but the Ghost Rider intro PvE (can't think of the name right now) was pretty fun too in spite of its difficulty.
  • thanos8587
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    the best ones are three days, the worst are seven days. since everything else is basically the same thing over and over the shorter the better in terms of getting progression rewards more frequently.

    even heroics are welcome when compared to week long slogs like EotS and prodigal sun.

    of course the gauntlet is always a breath of fresh air but the rewards typically blow overall, i.e. no 25 cp and only one 4* cover that you may or may not need or care about.
  • ramoramo86
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    As long as its not a heroic or a week long PVE i like it.
  • tanis3303
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    I really enjoy the one where you don't earn event points from completing battles, but event currency, which you then spend on whichever prizes you choose from the event's leaderboards, no timers, just true PvE and true play at your own pace to earn the prizes you actually want...I forget the name of it, but that one is always my favorite.

    Oh wait...that was just a dream I had...
  • Jarvind
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    Simulator. No dialogue to skip, easy final progression goal, and a nice big chunk of ISO at the end of each sub.
  • CNash
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    Growth Industry, Amadeus's Inferno and The Gauntlet.

    For so-called "normal" Story events (i.e. the ones that aren't really PVE that we've been complaining about for months): Meet Rocket & Groot, Deadpool vs. MPQ, Webbed Wonder, and Prodigal Sun. What do they have in common? They don't force you to fight Dark Avengers over and over through the whole event!
  • mpqr7
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    Simulator, since you get to fight heroes and don't need to bother with endless dark avengers fights. I'm so sick of fighting dark avengers!

    I don't mind hand and hammer soldiers, but I don't like symbiotes. They are too tough.

    The robots (doombots + ultron bots) are cool as well.

    If progression rewards were easier to hit, that would be even better.
  • rastafari7
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    Deadpool vs. MPQ : 2x 48hrs subs.
    Simulator : iso rewards.
  • drcassino
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    I really like EOTS. Once I figured out how to handle waves of ninjas with dispatch (hi, Blade!), it became a fun grind.
  • drcassino
    drcassino Posts: 141 Tile Toppler
    I really like EOTS. Once I figured out how to handle waves of ninjas with dispatch (hi, Blade!), it became a fun grind.