Covert duplicates doesn't help complete your collection. ****

hoihoi8 Posts: 15
By converting duplicate cards to runes, you still haven't given the player a way to complete their collection. ****. Side note, I'd argue that the Planeswalker upgrade system is completely arbitrary and breaks balance of many cards and should be removed, but that's another discussion.

If I need a few cards to complete a set, I'm not going to buy dozens of fat packs that contain all duplicates that give me pointless runes that go into a pointless planeswalker leveling system.

In real life magic, I can sell my extra duplicates as singles, so I can buy singles to complete my collection. In MtgPQ, I "sell" my singles for runes that do nothing to better my collection. You've created pointless duplicate system that takes the user into a dead end of having infinite runes.

The poor design systems in this game continues to astound me, but hey I keep playing because the core gameplay is fun icon_e_smile.gif


  • Devs are way too greedy. They will end up making no money at all, at least from me.
  • EDHdad
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    What's weird to me is that the one thing I would buy for actual cash is single cards.

    I'm never going to pay 1 cent for a mana crystal or a rune.

    The only way I would pay money for a random pack is if the pack was guaranteed to contain at least one card which I do not already own.