Complete UI Overhaul BADLY needed

hoihoi8 Posts: 15
It is very very painful to use this app. Load times are ridiculous. Unresponsive, buggy, and overly complicated UI everywhere. What is your infatuation with sliding and resizing UI??? Stop! You guys need to go completely back to the drawing board and improve your UI design and tech.

Going from a game like Clash Royale, which has beautiful and ingenious UI design, to MtgPQ really shows how far you guys have to go. Please hire an experienced UI designer that can create a positive user experience.

P.S. - Despite this, still playing because the core gameplay is great icon_e_smile.gif


  • shteev
    shteev Posts: 2,031 Chairperson of the Boards
    The worst thing for me and my S5 Neo is that it slows down the run time of every other app on my phone, even when I've quit the game and tried to stop it running in the background...