Quick Battle

fox1342 Posts: 174 Tile Toppler
a) is it harder than before? Maybe I've just been unlucky, but my deck that had previously gone on long streaks is now dying 1/3 time. the AI seems to get a lot more 'lucky' mana.

b) STOP CRASHING. it's very annoying. although better now that the crash=lose health bug is fixed.

c) thought about the increased pool? At least the reward tiers are higher too.


    EDUSAN Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
    1) When they said the games were going to be faster i think they got it right. IA has been getting some crazy cascades some times and i think they improved the IA a bit (its doing 5 matches instead of 4 more often) but I'VE gotten some out of this world cascades too. Like turn 1 30 mana gained and empting my hand at the very beginning
    besides the extra mana we are getting from our color matches, i think are making that we play fatties faster

    2)i havent had 1 single crash. weird

    3) i dont know, i've been playing and im not doing bad, im closed to the 2-11 bracket which would net me a greater reward than ever. But probably a lot of people is having crashes or not downloaded the patch yet. Next QB ladder ill know if its harder or easier to get at least the same amount of rewards