Allow follow up events/stories to be replayable

I've read that the ISO-8 event was a follow up to the main story, but anyone who starts playing now has already missed it. You guys have spent time crafting these events/stories why not add them to the prologue for future players to enjoy and follow? I'm sure you can easily tone down the rewards plus I wouldn't mind playing through the missions again trying to keep up 100% completion.


  • Maybe that's exactly what Devs plan to do icon_e_smile.gif We will not know until R42 or later (unless IceIX enlightens us icon_e_wink.gif)
  • I have to admit I've never bothered to read any of those things.
  • Agree with this. Wrote in another thread but more appropriate here. Right now a new player is at a pretty big disadvantage I would think. Also, a bummer for them to miss parts of the story.
  • I also hope this will happen, it seems an easy thing to add, like you say they've already written the dialogue and mission descriptions.
  • Yes to this! I'm kind of at a loss of things to do right now. I've collect all of the PvE rewards and I hate trying to grind in a tournament only to be brought back down. If there was more PvE I'd have lots to do if I didn't want to participate in a tournament.
  • agreed, the same stories replayable in the prologue format with appropriate rewards would add some new acheivement/rewards and hopefully minor work for the dev team 8)