Patch Notes v1.4.0 (4/21/16)

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Patch Notes 1.4.0!

First Wave of Battle for Zendikar Cards Released!
New Planeswalkers now available. Level Cap Increased to 60.
All-New gameplay mechanics; Void Gems, Rally, Converge, Awaken, Ingest, Process, Devoid, and Landfall.
New Ability Ranks: Each ability now goes up to Rank 4.
New Story Mode Encounters added.
Duplicate cards can now be sold for Mana Runes.
Many additional Improvements and bug fixes.

New Cards
New cards available in the Vault, under the Battle for Zendikar banner.
You can purchase individual packs, Fat Packs, and Booster boxes.
BFZ packs awarded through daily or Quick Battle rewards.
Free boosters now contain both Origin and BFZ cards.
More cards will be added in the coming weeks.

New Planeswalkers
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Ob Nixilis Reignited are now purchasable through special offers! More new Planeswalkers arriving in the coming weeks!

New Battle For Zendikar Content
New gameplay mechanics; Void Gems, Rally, Converge, Awaken, Ingest, Process, Devoid, and Landfall.
New Story Mode: Battle for Zendikar - 30 all-new encounters including new Heroic & Legendary difficulties!

New Features
Cards now show subtypes! Now easier to identify which cards are zombies, elves, etc.
New level cap: Planeswalkers can now reach level 60.
New ability ranks: Planeswalker abilities can now reach Rank 4.
You can now sell card duplicates for Mana Runes.

Improvements & Changes
Origins Planeswalker changes - normalized ability costs and rebalanced some abilities. Planeswalker ability costs no longer increase from one rank to another, but instead can decrease to buff a new rank.
New card keywords: Fetch and Discard. Fetch used for cards taken from the deck instead of drawn. Fetch cards do not trigger abilities that trigger when a card is drawn.
Mizzium Meddler: Now drains 1 mana every time you match colored gems.
Embermaw Hellion: Now gives +3/0 to any Red creatures when they attack.
Tainted Remedy: Fixed card text and now correctly places 5 Trap gems.
Plus many additional bug fixes! For complete notes, please visit -