Event Suggestion

0rnur53 Posts: 14
If the admin should decide on opening the "Events Battles", I suggest the following options:

1. Theme Battle- in this mode, the players are only allowed to participate if they include a particular card in the deck or a deck based on particular colored planeswalker
2. Iron Man- players are only allowed to use only one planeswalker, rankings based on the most number of wins before the planeswalker in defeated
3. Random Planeswalker- players are only allowed to use a planeswalker/deck choosen at random for every match or a set number of matches
4. Handicap- for every match, a particular penalty/handicap is given to the player(e.g. opponent has a creature/support at the start of the match, special planeswalker ability not available for player). Ranking based on the number of wins


  • LykoKen
    LykoKen Posts: 4
    One of my favorite tournaments with the physical card game is booster drafts.
    This could work, something like this.

    -gem buy-in
    -special larger pack boosters
    -groups of 5 exchange boosters
    -rotating start times for initial grouping
    -choose one card then pass
    -initial few matches within group
    - maybe round robin
    - maybe timed by hours/days
    -best 3 per group advance
    -other 2 join larger pool for alternate ranking
    -advance to other groups
    -best record continues to advance
    -final four group play over a day
    -best record wins
    - if there was a way to select time availability then there could be paired matches between people
  • LykoKen
    LykoKen Posts: 4
    Quick Quick Battles:

    Timed turns 10-15 seconds before suggested match automatically moves