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I have almost all 3 covers between 153 and 120 (with some covers missing)
Dont have Loki, Ragnarok, Colossus, Storm, Sentry and Quicksilver

Although I am still ISO poor, what matchups are great to use.
Do take in mind i have a 5 star Logan (yellow) and Phoenix (purple) at 270

The ones i am using now are: KK, Groot, Cyclops (all 153)
Old man Logan, Luke Cage (153), Iron Fist (127)
Mystique (131), Thor (147) and She-Hulk (153)

I also have 6/7 4 stars around 110/100 with 4 to 5 covers.

Where should my focus be?
Going towards 166 with those 3 star characters (and get valuable 4 stars) or add ISO over all the characters (the ones that are pumped for events)


  • sinnerjflsinnerjfl Posts: 1,162 Chairperson of the Boards
    I would champ those 3*'s that you like and use first.

    Typically, 4*'s are more dependent on covers rather than levels so I wouldnt level those until you have at least 9 or 10 covers and that those covers are distributed in a way that the character can serve some purpose (say, Cyclops at 5/3/2). You're better off not having ISO stuck in a 4* that will be useless to you for several months. Stockpile ISO if you run out of characters to level and wait for covers, that's my advice.
  • Melis1988Melis1988 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 14

    Yeah I have noticed that i havent used any 4 star except Elektra at level 152 sometimes (powered up)

    I took the top 10 of 3 stars (from the ranking post) and will be only spending ISO on those for the next 3 weeks. (atleast)
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