PVE Event and Patch Notes 3/5

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PVE Episode 2.5 Re-run! The Hulk
The Hulk has been spotted in various places around the world. Osborn wants him on H.A.M.M.E.R.'s side. Fury wants him back in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hands or at least contained. But does Bruce Banner have other motivations?
    - Buffed characters for this Event: The Hulk (Indestructible), Punisher (Dark Reign), Hawkeye (Modern), Black Panther (T'Challa), Thor (Marvel Now!) - New areas will appear once Agents have cleared missions on the main world map, furthering the story and allowing for more chances to gain more power. - All Agents are working towards a total goal to convince and recruit The Hulk. All points earned in this mission will go towards an overall score. Once the bar is filled, The Hulk will be unlocked as playable and new sets of missions will begin to appear. - Points per mission have a rubber banding effect depending on your overall placement (ignoring brackets). This means that if your score is lower than the average for the position that you're in, your missions will be worth more compared to others in that same position. IE, if Bracket Alpha's 1st place has 750 points and Bracket Zeta has 500, Zeta's 1st will gain more points from missions to equalize brackets. This will filter down to lower ratings as well, since naturally in that case, 50th would necessarily be lower in Zeta compared to Alpha. This has the effect of allowing brackets to push higher as a group to achieve the further out rewards. - Rubber banding effects have been lowered overall for this event although they are still in effect. This has been balanced with providing mission stacks that allow players to run a mission multiple times for diminishing points that recharge over time. - The main Event score is unbracketed while the sub-events are bracketed to 2000 Agents.

Special Comic Cover Pack available during the Event
    Powered Up - Hero Point Pack containing all Iso-8 buffed characters (excepting The Hulk). Powered Up 10 Pack- Hero Point Pack containing a Guaranteed Black Panther (T'Challa)) and 9 other Iso-8 buffed character comic covers (excepting The Hulk). Once Hulk is unlocked: Gamma Bomb - Hero Point Pack containing all Iso-8 buffed characters. Gamma Bomb 10 Pack - Hero Point Pack containing a Guaranteed The Hulk (Indestructible) and 9 other Iso-8 buffed character comic covers.

New Hero Available via this event: Thor (Modern)
Thor (Modern) is much like his 2* variant, but with slightly modified powers and (of course) the ability to level to a max of 141 like other 3* characters. Thor is the first of his kind for this style of powering up of a character. 2* and 3* forms of Thor, while similar are still considered different versions of the same character as with any other more full variant like Black Widow (Modern) and Black Widow (Original).

Patch Notes
Black Panther
    Rage of the Panther
    - Lowered damage by 20% across all levels
Defense Grid
    - Fixed a bug where Level 2 would not reliably allow three Protect tiles to be placed. - Level 2 now allows a 4th Protect tile to be placed.
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