Converting "old" packs/boxes

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So, to be specific: if we have boosters / fat packs / etc. from Origins these will not translate into Zendikar packs upon release? So there is no practical function of hording your Origins packs?

There is absolutely no practical reason for hoarding your Origins packs, no.

Then I call your last event "fraud". You asked players to buy just a few crystals + a big box + a fat pack to "prepare" for the upcomming upgrade. So did I. And now you tell me with those big box and the fat pack I can just get the old cardset, which I almost have completed? Fraud in my eyes, that was the last time I will ever spend anyting on this game.

Thats how you get negative advertisement... With the same money I could've gotten a similar amount of crystals to get more cards from the new pack. Yup, thats fraud.

*sarcasmus on* Great job, really customer friendly *sarcasmus off*

Guess this post fits more in this section... As it is announced it feels like beeing betrayed by the company by their last buying event.

My suggestion is to give every player the possibility to decide which packs they want with the already stored fat packs or big boxes. That would be fair and would fit to how the last event was announced.

Edit: This way was the announcement of the "Dragon's Hoard" event:
"David wrote:
Moore"]Get ready for the big Battle For Zendikar update coming to Magic: Puzzle Quest this April by replenishing your resources in our Mana Crystal Sale going on now!

For a limited time you can get more Mana Crystals for your money and scoop up the Dragon's Horde (includes a Big Box, Fat Pack, Mana Crystals and Mana Runes). Sale ends March 31st.

If it stays as it is for now I guess I get my money back via paypal, because of false advertising.


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    I honestly don't see the issue other than "it sucks." The wording doesn't imply that packs will be interchangeable between new/old sets in the advertisement. Maybe just ask to have the packs converted to their crystal costs so you can use them to buy new packs once they're out?
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    prepare to battle for zendikar having all the cards you can from origins, since when BFZ comes you will probably want to start buying BFZ packs

    and you have the runes you bought with the package to level up the new PW, so you are getting prepared
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    It is a stretch to call it false advertising. I agree it's a light bit of bait-and-switch to an extent. There was certainly the possibility of inferring that buying a Dragon Horde would allow you to get more of the new cards when they came out, but on the other hand it wasn't explicitly stated and there was no reason to think that a counter-intuitive step - not opening a pack - would be better later (other than the track record of bugs and misses in balance in this game, like how not leveling your PW is sometimes better). I completely understand the OP's point and I agree with the suggestion as a (one-time) token of goodwill on the devs' part if nothing else, but to call it false advertising is going too far.

    That said, monies have been refunded for less, so it may still be possible for the OP to get the money back depending on how the processor decides to work it (Google or Apple, or whoever).