Additonal Empty Planeswalker deck

rulerhumankind Posts: 47
With the new release of more Planeswalkers on the horizon, and a whole host of new cards, it would be nice to have at least one free deck with choice of planeswalker to play around with some different strategies, without changing your currently tuned deck for that planeswalker. It would help with the story mode progression greatly, as you sometimes have to create a custom deck to beat a challenge, only having to remember what cards you had previously when you go to quick battle.
It would be fine if it was a pay model, where you have to pay a fee to unlock it, since I know it costs memory on the server to accomplish this, as well as time to design and implement this feature. It would not have to be a free deck for each planeswalker, which would double your memory costs, just an open slot deck that you can pick a planeswalker first (to restrict card choice after selection) and then make a build on it. That would limit you to only testing one deck at a time, but it is a good way to try something new, without having to write down what cards you have in a deck before you explode it for a challenge. If you change the planeswalker, then it clears the deck due to card restrictions. If you really liked the deck, more than your current build, you could then give it an upload feature where it would replace your current deck for that planeswalker.