Winners! – April Fool’s Secret Mission Contest

David [Hi-Fi] Moore
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Hi, everyone.

We’re sending out big thanks to everyone who joined in the April Fool’s Secret Mission Contest! It’s time to announce the winners!

1st Place (1 winner):
The Bob The
Congratulations, The Bob The! The Bob The’s winning entry featured: “Spider-Man (Bag Man).”

With so many close votes and tough voting decisions we decided to expand the Runner-Up winners from 2 to 5!
Runner’s up (5 winners):
aesthetocyst, ViralCore, udonomefoo, simonsez, jobob.

aesthetocyst s’ entry featured: “Iron Man (Formula 40).”

ViralCore’s entry featured "Crafty Wolverine."

udonomefoo’s entry featured "Cyclop’s leadership capabilities."

simonsez’s entry featured "Cable (Nathan Summers)."

jobob’s entry featured "X-23."

Honorable Mentions (7 winners):
Malcrof, JCTthe3rd81, Tarheelmax, bbf2, Pinko McFly, Melevorn, atomzed

We also wanted to provide a little something to the two MtGPQ entries (since every other entry was MPQ-specific). Both will receive an Honorable Honorable Mention - same prize as a regular Honorable Mention.
Honorable Honorable Mentions (2 winners):
ChrisTot, 0rnur53

Winners, please send a Private Message to Hi-Fi to receive your rewards. We’ll need to know which game (pick one) you want to receive prizes for and your in-game name (for MPQ) or UID (for MtGPQ).

You can view all of the entries HERE.

*Thanks to fight4thedream, DayvBang and the Mod Team for organizing and running the contest!


  • ChrisTot
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    Thanks for having this event you guys! It was fun to participate icon_e_smile.gif
  • DeNappa
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    Congrats all winners.

    Some entries were pure gold xD

    Oh, an encore: before doing the Party Hatted Hood, this was my draft:

    Namor (Civil War) ( pic )
    5 Star Rarity (Epic)

    Aquatic Wrath - bluetile.png passive
    (PASSIVE) Insulted by the fact that after 2 years, Namor is still denied a role in MPQ, the King of Atlantis decides it's time to flood the world of the surface dwellers. Using an ancient Atlantean device of mysterious origin, he starts submerging the battlefield...

    At the beginning of each turn, place 1 blue tile on the board. If there are 15 or more blue tiles on the board, Namor's team gains the upper hand all blue matches will damage the entire enemy team instead of just the current target. Whenever a blue match is made, Namor's aquatic healing kicks in for 549.

    Level Upgrades
      Level 2: Place 2 blue tiles. Blue matches heal for 664. Level 3: Place 3 blue tiles. Require 13 blue tiles for team damage. When Namor's team makes a blue match 4 or greater, his superior swimming speed allows him to swiftly strike for an additional 750 damage.
    (Yup, team damage if the condition applies icon_twisted.gif )
    Level 4: Place 4 blue tiles, blue matches heal for 703. Additional blue match 4 damage is increased to 1000.
    Level 5: Place 5 blue tiles. Require 12 blue tiles for team damage. When Namor's team makes a blue match 5, Namor's plan come to fruition and the entire board is replaced with blue tiles!

  • The Bob The
    The Bob The Posts: 743 Critical Contributor
    I am incredibly stoked about this, almost more for the upvotes than for the prizes (I said "almost"). Thanks for a fun contest, and thanks everyone who voted, and everyone who created entries. You guys are all pretty funny!
  • jobob
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    Awesome job TheBobThe... Congrats!
  • morph3us
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    Adding my congratulations to the winners, some of the entries had me in hysterics.

    To David Moore plus the Demiurge team, is there any chance we could see TheBobThe's entry in game as a real ability for a laugh, even if only for a couple of days?

    Pretty please with sugar on top????
  • atomzed
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    It was good fun! The entries were really interesting to read.

    And thanks for expanding the number of runner ups and honorable mentions! Originally it was supposed to be 2 runner up and 5 honorable mentions. But you guys expanded it probably because of the ties.
  • 0rnur53
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    Thank you for recognizing our effort in joining the contest. icon_e_biggrin.gif