Complainers who don't even play

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I don't understand why some people are posting here. Everyday, I see at least one post along the lines of "I used to play and I never will again but you should still read my rant."

Good grief, people. It's too bad that something soured you on whichever game it is you're playing. Do you really have hang around telling others how terrible you think things are, though? Let it go. You aren't doing anybody any favors including yourself. Instead of reigniting your negativity, find something positive to do.

There's no way that any game developer is trying to push their customers away. If you have a legitimate problem that made you stop playing then let them--be it D3, Rovio, or whomever--know and then find something else to do. There are games I've dropped but I don't dwell on them and certainly don't go and bad mouth the games to current players. I have better things to do with my time and so do they.

Yes, everybody has a right to speak their mind. No, it is not a First Amendment issue since this private forum but D3 seems to be very open about letting us write out our thoughts. What I hope that people would remember is this: Just because you can doing something, it does not follow that you mush do that thing. Feed the right wolf.