looking for alliance

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edit 3.24.14: still looking for an alliance. i'm a very active player and very good at the game.

hello there, player in korea looking for an alliance. i'm very active and although i don't have any hyper leveled champs yet i have a solid mid-range roster and dominate many tourneys in my bracket level (so much so that i get put up against people way, way higher level than me these days).

looking for other very active players and i often have many surplus covers that i'll be able to trade. PM me if i'd be a good fit for your alliance!

my roster as of this posting is as follows:

thor 85
ares 77
hulk 64
cap 61
obw 61
classic storm 60
astonishing wolvie 57
doom 51
magneto(NOW) 45
punisher 43
daredevil 41
iron man(35) 40
juggernaut 40
daken 38
hood 38
modernbw 36
wolvie(xforce) 34
hawkeye modern 30
gsbw 25
wolvie patch 25
storm modern 18
moonstone 15
iron man(40) 15
loki 15
magneto classic 15
rag 15
spiderman 15
bullseye 8
venom 1


  • Nouala
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    Hi unknown,

    You can join our alliance SpitfireZ

    Kind regards,

    Team SpitfireZ