cost of loki pack seems weirdly out of proportion

150hp = heroic pack
500hp = heroic pack with 50% chance of loki

this seems really out of proportion for a 50% chance. If this was a loki only pack that valuation could make sense. I would think that 200hp would seem much more inline with the price and quality of cards that you would pull. at 200hp i might gamble... but not at 500hp


  • 500 HP would make sense if the card in question is really in demand, for that 50% chance.

    But Loki... going by his innate trickery, I smell a con job icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • I thought the same thing. Everyone seems to go on about how underpowered Loki is, and yet we're being asked to spend a whopping 500 hp for a chance at getting one? I don't see the point. Having said that, I'm holding on to any Loki cards that come my way since I think he has huge potential, but I'll be damned if I'm dropping $5 for a 50% chance on getting one in his current state...especially since I would likely just draw yet another bloody Thor card that I can't use.
  • They used to have sales for specific characters @ 500HP a pop back when the game first opened.. and that was before the R40 patch that decreased the amount of covers needed to max a skill. It seems reasonable, maybe not for Loki, but as a standard price for better 3*s. I guess they're just trying to set the precedent price-wise for those kinds of packs. It doesn't seem so bad if it's a character you want when you already have all of the rest (ie: new characters). A 50% chance seems decent, especially considering that in the 150HP packs you probably have a less than 5% chance to actually get the 3* you want.