this game is lame

Seriously they have a sale? why would anyone actual;ly spend money on a game that is a dead end...they have zero interest in imoproving it, its been out for like 5 months now and they have made 1 improvement and that was only to make it playable...all im saying is come one with something please, other than the something is coming rhetoric


  • Well it seems they are releasing battle for zendikar sometime in april, I'd say maybe mid-late april.

    I kind of wished they would have released events before then.

    But aside from that, what updates were you looking forward to?
  • David [Hi-Fi] Moore
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    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but your facts are incorrect. There have been many, many fixes and updates and more are on the way very soon.
    You may find it helpful to have a look at the last few patch notes:



    The huge Battle for Zendikar updates are beginning in April. Please stay tuned for that.
  • OhanaUnited
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    I felt that a huge opportunity was missed when there was no event for April Fools (and I mean real in-game events, not designing contest). Even something simple implemented in-game could have easily re-engaged the community