one small suggestion

I have other suggestions I will compile, however...

One I would like to see in the very near future is the ability to designate a defense deck.

If I want to use the same colour for both attack and defense, I have to switch cards around all the time, and this game is already a huge time sink.

Give us the option, PLEASE!

More suggestions to come


  • JeffCascadian
    JeffCascadian Posts: 665 Critical Contributor
    I highly suspect that you're referring to the Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest. While your idea isn't a bad one, this isn't the right forum. icon_e_smile.gif
  • Twysta
    Twysta Posts: 1,597 Chairperson of the Boards
    One thing can be taken from this, whether you're playing MtGPQ or MPQ, it's still a time sink!
  • Dayv
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    Moved to MtG:PQ forums instead of Marvel.