Putting the "puzzle" back in Puzzle Quest

Just an idea I had for the game, since the Puzzle Quest series are some of my favorite games ever: introducing some of the previous Puzzle Quests' different puzzle types. Instead of having only Match 3 combat with three heroes and their abilities, maybe Tony's defusing something, or hacking something, etc. and the game type changes.

Or, as another example, using the puzzle types where you need to eliminate every tile on the board. You could have a progression-based 1 day event independent of multiplayer rank where you win ISO or HP prizes. Since there's no competition, and everyone could potentially get through every puzzle, it could even be restricted to ISO awards only so that it just acts as a nice, different element to do to get ISO as opposed to a grind for 70-140 ISO and waiting to heal against multiplayer opponents, or 20 ISO through repetition of story missions.

I'd just love to see the gameplay expanded so there's less risk of getting bored. Without putting lots of money into the game (I know thats obviously one of the goals), it takes so long to get a team levelled and fully skilled that it's not too likely for the casual player to be able to competitively try out different team combinations. I spent $20 and got a few classic Spidermans, but no yellow skill, so I'm back to my old team.


  • Very good idea. Fully supporting this post.
  • I'd like it if it was a way to safely generate ISO -- instead of taking L30+'s to the very first HAMMER mission and beating the two snipers in a few seconds for 20 ISO. You can repeat it endlessly, completely safely, but it's amazingly boring.