Chandra Heroic Objective Guide

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Chandra Heroic Objective Guide

Quicknote: It has been much more difficult getting Chandra to drop all her cards than it was with the other Walkers. If you have info on the unknown cards or have an alternate strategy, feel free to comment

Chandra Heroic Battle #1

250 Runes - Anti-Magic (Cast 1 or less Spells and win the match)
15 Mana Crystals - Slow and Steady (Win the match in 25 or more rounds)

Starting Opponents Cards: Pyromancers Goggles, Prism Ring, Mage-Ring Network

Starting Opponent Hand Size: 3 Cards

Opponents Library

Spells (7)

Exquisite Firecraft
Ravaging Blaze
Lightning Javelin
Act of Treason
Chandras Ignition
Chandras Fury
Fiery Impulse

Supports (3)

Pyromacers Goggles
Prism Ring
Mage-Ring Network

Basically a decently crafted Burn deck. Minus Prism ring, everything poses at least a minor threat. You wont see any opposing creatures, so if you have Gaea's Revenge, that card alone will guarantee you victory. You will likely want to focus on getting multiple cheap creatures out so that they take the focus of Chandras spells.

Anti-Magic Strategy

Recommended Walkers: Gideon, Nissa

Gideon will likely want to use as many creatures with at least 4 health as possible. Lifelink will help a bit since you are guaranteed to take some type of damage from spells and abilites. A good strategy would be to get a couple of good supports out to help ensure your 1st creature isn't dying from a single spell. Make sure you don't include any spells in your deck for this one. Nissa will have no problem getting creatures out faster than Chandra can kill them. Just be sure to take out any spells and replace them with either supports or cheap creatures.

Slow and Steady

Recommended Walkers: Jace, Gideon

Jace will get this done without any issue. Since there aren't any creatures, remove your bounce spells and replace them with Mana drain spells. Jaces Sanctum, Sphinx Tutelage, Mizzium meddler, and spells like Negate and Days Undoing will ensure that Chandra is hard pressed to even get one spell off. Once you get to that point where you either pass 25 rounds or know you wont kill her by the time you do, unleash your handful of creatures and finish the job. Gideon will want Orbs of Warding if you have it. The idea is to only play creatures that cant attack to draw fire from spells, and play lifelink creatures to replenish lost health. Once you hit 25 rounds, throw everything you have at Chandra, and stay ready to replace your creatures if they get hit by Chandras Ignition

Chandra Heroic Battle #2

250 Runes - Anti-Magic (Cast 1 or less Spells and win the match)
15 Mana Crystals - Spellcaster (Cast 9 or more Spells and win the match)

Starting Opponents Cards: Subterranean Scout, Boggart Brute, Goblin Piledriver, Call of the Full Moon, Flameshadow Conjuring

Starting Opponents Hand Size: 1 Card

Opponents Library

Creatures (5)

Subterranean Scount
Boggart Brute
Goblin Piledriver
Goblin Glory Chaser
Seismic Elemental

Spells (2)

Titan's Strength

Supports (2)

Call of the Full Moon
Flameshadow Conjuring

Unknown (1)

Although she starts out with 5 (?!?!?!) cards out in play before your 1st turn, this isn't a very threatening deck, and due to the fact that Call of the Full Moon gives her 1st creature Berserk, you don't have to rely on spells or defenders to easily take her offense out. You really are going to want something to take out Goblin Piledriver quickly since he will do an additional 5 damage for each goblin in play.

Anti-Magic Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Gideon, Nissa

Take out any spells. A first stike creature will do wonders here, but also remember that Boggart Brute is unblockable. You can counter this by including lifelink creatures, or a Berserker. Keep your Gideon deck chalk full of Defenders and Lieutenants Council as well as White Orchid if you have him in order to save for Gideons 2nd ability instead of having to use his 1st ability for defenders. As long as Call of the Full Moon is in play, you won't have to worry about having defender as much since your creatures will be attacked anyways. For Nissa, you want to keep as many creatures coming as well. If you have enough for her 2nd Ability, it will help defend against Berserkers since it lasts into the Opponents turn.

Spellcaster Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Chandra, Jace, Lilliana

Most of Chandras burn spells will take care of the opposition while you build up creatures like Volcanic Rambler and Abbot of the Keral Keep while you are working on hitting 9 spells. Jace can hit this mark quickly with his 2nd ability, bounce spells, and Artificers Epiphony. Don't put many supports in your deck for this one since Demolish will obliterate them for cheap. Keep bouncing and controlling the game until you are sure you will pass the mark and then unleash any big hitters you have, or use the spell buff trio (Genie, Owl, Thief) to get extra damage for each spell you cast. Liliana will want to keep the field empty and Chandras hand empty using spells like Unholy Hunger and Tormented Thoughts. A nice trick here is to discard three big hitters (Hangerback Walker, graveblade Maurader, Priest) while you are casting spells, then use her 3rd ability to summon all 3 to the field to quickly finish up.

Chandra Heroic Battle #3

250 Runes - Survivor (Have 5 or less HP remaining when you win the match)
15 Mana Crystals - Slow and Steady (Win the match in 25 or MORE rounds)

Starting Opponents Cards: Hangerback Walker, Call of the Full Moon, Pyromancer's Goggles

Starting Opponents Hand Size: 2 Cards

Opponents Library:

Creatures (5)

Hangerback Walker
Ghirapur Gearcrafter
Abbot of the Keral Keep
Thoptor Engineer
Pia and Kiran Nalaar

Spells (2)

Foundry of the Consul

Supports (2)

Pyromancers Goggles
Call of the Full Moon

Unknown (1)

This deck can quickly get Thoptors out. Between starting with a Berserked Hangerback Walker, and Pyromancers Googles having a very good chance of getting 4+ Thoptors out per turn, this can get bad, fast. The Survivor objective is more tedious than the Slow and Steady objective, since a big cascade or unopposed Thoptor reinforced can ruin your plans. I heavily recommend Jace for both Objectives in a single run.

Survivor Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Jace, Gideon

Jace will rely on Bounce spells to get rid of Hangerback without summoning an army of angry Thoptors. Use Claustrophobia to lock down the first opponent and let the 2nd creature ping you until you at 5 or less Health, then use a bounce or defender coupled with -6/-0 counters from Jaces 1st ability to control your way to victory. If you get close to your mark (10-11 HP) you can summon your offense since she will get her 1st ability off twice before you win. You can also use Voidmage and Harbinger to bounce creatures and use Jaces 1st ability on them to keep damage to the opponent to a minimum until you are ready. Gideon is a bit more tricky. You are going to want to stay away from Supports unless you have a Starfield of Nyx since Chandra has a great chance of easily casting Demolish. You want to save up at defenders and 1st strikers while taking damage. You won't have very long to do so. Also, don't wait until you are below the mark to summon a defense since you will need a turn to give someone flying to defend against the Thoptors. If you have Suppressed Bonds, it makes this fight much easier. Requires a bit of luck, but if you hit below 9 HP, keep your defense going and hope Chandra uses her 1st ability to get you below 6 health. As stated above, this is much easier with Jace.

Slow and Steady Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Jace, Chandra

It seems illogical to use anyone besides Jace here. Not only do you have to deal with Thoptors after killing Hangerback, but you have to deal with Goggles either shattering your Supports via Demolish, or the opponent getting multiple creatures out per turn. Chandra can do it, but seems like it takes some luck. With Jace, Bounce Hangerback to avoid Thoptors, and keep draining mana with cards like Jaces Sanctum, Sphinx Tutelage, and Negate while controlling creatures with bounce spells, Voidmage (possibly Harbinger, just watch out for doing too much damage), and Jaces 1st and 2nd ability. Once you hit about 22-23 turns, hopefully you can launch a barrage of creatures. If you have Mizzium Meddler, this deck has a bad habit of keeping Demolish at the end of her hand when you have no supports, and she will continually drain mana from her 1st card at no gain. Chandra will need a quick arsenal of berserkers or spells for Hangerback, and spells for the Thoptor swarm. It can be hard trying to maintain creature control with burn spells when Chandra has so many thoptor generating cards. Goggles wont help here since 25 mana can be crushed by 3 of Chandras mana. You will want to slowly build an offense to ensure you have something chipping at Chandras health while waiting for the 25th turn. You don't want to get hit by a super cascade at the 25th turn and end up facing a full health Chandra with a newly reinforced Hangback Walker, an Abbot of the Keral Keep, and 4-8 Thoptors from Foundry. Unless you just don't have the cards, use Jace.

Chandra Heroic Battle #4

250 Runes - Anti-Magic (Cast 1 or less Spells and win the match)
15 Mana Crystals - Artificer (Cast 8 or more Supports and win the match)

Opponents Starting Cards: Avaricious Dragon, Flameshadow Conjuring, Call of the Full Moon

Opponents Starting Hand Size: 2 Cards

Opponents Library

Creatures (4)

Avaricious Dragon
Embermaw Hellion
Scab-Claw Berserker
Iroas Champion

Spells (2)

Demolish, Titan's Strength

Supports (2)

Flameshadow Conjuring
Call of the Full Moon

Unknown (2)

Every Creature card in this deck is annoying and dangerous in its own way. Titan's strength and Demolish help destroy logical opposition. Call of the Full Moon will ensure that these big hitters decimate nearly anything you throw out. This battle also carries another relatively difficult 250 Rune objective, but a pretty easy 15 Mana Crystal objective.

Anti-Magic Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Gideon, Lilliana, Nissa

Lilliana was able to net me this Objective 1st try utilizing Unholy Hunger 1st turn (You 'are' allowed one spell), followed by deathtouch creatures like Fetid Imp and Graveblade Marauder to destory anything that got out. All Chandras creatures cost a considerable amount of Mana, so you should be able to keep monsters out while she is building. Fleshbag Marauder helps as well with Despoiler of Souls to get an easy Death without casting a spell. Gideon and Nissa have more trouble. They need to focus on getting more creatures out quicker than Chandra, while also worrying about the trample effect. You will want to use both Walkers 2nd abilities to try and minimize damage taken and creatures sacrificed. I tried once with each and failed miserably, but I'm sure it can be done with a bit of luck.

Artificer Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Jace

Much easier than the 1st objective, considering you can use Jace and bounce anything that makes its way onto the battlefield while casting Supports. Use Anchor to the Aether, Negate, Voidmage, and Harbinger. Turn to Frog isn't as effective here because of Call of the Full Moon. Claustrophobia, Sanctum, and Tutelage help, but Demolish puts them at risk, so don't expect them to last forever. I would use the 2nd ability over the 1st while only having Bounce spells in the deck. Mizzium Meddler is again your best friend since the AI will have trouble getting mana overflow to fill up a 20+ mana cost card in the second slot, and will keep a Titan's Strength or Demolish in the last slot while waiting for something to use it on. If you want to try someone besides Jace, I wish you the best of luck.

Chandra Heroic Battle #5

250 Runes - Defenseless (Summon no creatures with Defender and win the match)
15 Mana Crystals - Burst (Summon 3 or less Creatures and win the match)

Starting Opponents Cards: Zendikar Incarnate

Starting Opponents Hand Size: 2 Cards

Opponents Library

Creatures (3)

Zendikars Incarnate
Avaricious Dragon
Abbot of the Keral Keep

Spells (2)

Magmatic Insight

Supports (2)

Jayemdae Tomb
Call of the Full Moon

Unknown (3)

Not a difficult battle at all. The creatures can hit hard if Chandra is able to get them out, but they cost a lot. Incarnate starts the battle, and 'can' build up really quickly with a bit of luck (well, bad luck for you), but likely won't reach anything unstoppable, especially when Chandra gets Call of the Full Moon into play. Objectives are pretty easy for this one as well

Defenseless Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Jace, Lilliana, Chandra

Take any and all Defenders out of your deck, and Bounce/Burn/Kill spell anything that pops its head out while growing your Offense. Very easy, objective-wise.

Burst Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Jace, Gideon, Chandra

For Jace, it's classic 'Bounce and Buff' strategy by playing one spell buff creature at a time (in case something goes wrong and it dies) while controlling the opponents mana flow with cards like Sanctum and Tutelage. Gideon will need a reinforced 1st striker VERY quickly to avoid Incarnate growing out of control. Disable Cards like Suppressed Bonds and Alchemists Vial mixed with Swift Reckoning can easily take out your Opponents 1st creature to give you more time to grow a 1st striker. Not as easy as Jace, but doable since there aren't any burn Cards in Chandras deck, and she will need to really on outgrowing your buffed 1st striker to cause a kill. Chandra can use a deck of Burn Spells to try and burn everything while one creature at a time tries to ping the opposing Chandra to death. Shouldn't take a lot of effort to get this one.


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    For Chandra Level 3 (the one with Hangarback Walker / Pyromancer's Goggles / Call of the Full Moon), Slow and Steady Objective (Win in 25 or more rounds), I won with the following:


    Anchor to the Aether
    Brawler's Plate
    Day's Undoing
    Displacement Wave
    Mizzium Meddler
    Sigiled Starfish
    Sphinx's Tutelage
    Talent of the Telepath
    Turn to Frog


    Disperse is ideal for doing this if it's in your opening hand. Anchor to the Aether will work, but usually takes 2 turns, and by then the Hangarback has spawned at least 1 Thopter. Displacement Wave will return Hangarback Walker and Thopter tokens to hand, but if there are 6 cards in hand, the Hangarback will be considered "killed" and it will spawn Thopters upon death.

    If you don't have Disperse / Anchor to the Aether / Displacement Wave in your opening hand, you might be able to use Talent of the Telepath to find one. If you don't have Hangarback bounced and a relatively clear board before the opponent has 6 cards in hand, it's probably best to restart the game.


    This will slow Chandra down considerably. Accumulate kill / bounce spells in your hand and charge them up in case she manages to cast something. Remember that Jace's -12 ability will put the last spell you cast into your hand fully charged. If you can, try to keep a spare Mizzium Meddler in your hand, but only put one out at a time until you're past the 25-turn mark.

    Keep track of how many turns you're at. It might be necessary to use Jace's -3 ability on your own Mizzium Meddler here and there so that it does no damage if you're ahead of the clock.

    Brawler's Plate is useful if Chandra casts Abbott of Kheral Keep or Pia and Kiran Nalaar. Use Jace' 1st ability to reduce their power to 0 and then smash into them. Note that Chandra has Demolish and also that supports don't last very long, so, only put this out if you actually need it.

    Sigiled Starfish can be useful in the early game if you've bounced the Hangarback Walker but you don't have your Mizzium Meddler in hand yet.

    Sphinx's Tutelage can be marginally useful to slow down Chandra slightly and to possibly loot for a card you need, but it's also mostly filler.

    By the way, one of the "unknown" cards on the list is Pia and Kiran Nalaar.
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    Thanks! Got Pia and Kiran in there.

    Looking forward to the next update so I can get new guides up for them