Blue 1st ability...seriously?

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How is this still a thing? It's just absolutely ridiculous. I know this has come up a zillion times before...but honestly this is so OP it's not even a discussion, blue deck = quit to next round, not even fun. Ways around it? Yep, can I win vs blue? Sure can! Do I want to grind for a **** hour as this guy neuters my summons for dam near free. F no.

-6 is huge, for a full round back and forth is nuts...for just 3? Dumb, just plain dumb.

Plus factor in you can't control blocking and attacking and the synergy with the game rules itself is crazy train OP.

Devs? Seriously, reduce this **** to a cost of 9, and -4 max at 50. Then move it to 2nd ability. At best it should be the inverse of Nissa's abilities.


  • David [Hi-Fi] Moore
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    Your feedback is welcomed, but please refrain from cursing and extreme anger.

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  • The main reason it is as powerful if not more so than Gideon's stacking permanent buffs is that you only need one turn of 0 power to kill a creature with no downside, allowing you to effectively trade for 0.

    The only saving grace is that typically Blue has few options for direct creature combat, but the likes of berserker plate and scrapskin drake make blue far safer in creature destruction than it should be.
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    The ability itself is fine. The fact that cost doesn't ramp with power, unlike EVERY OTHER PW ABILITY is where the problem lies.

    Oh, and can we pleeeeeeeease get the ability to select ability levels when we use them?