Nissa Heroic Objective Guide

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Nissa Heroic Objective Guide

Thanks to a blizzard, I was able to get this guide done a lot quicker than anticipated. Will try to get the next Heroic Objective Guide out tonight if possible.

Quicknote: Got all Opponent Libraries except 2nd Battle. If you can get the opponent to drop one of the 2 missing cards, or have a strategy you would like to share for any of the battles, feel free to comment.

Niss Heroic Battle #1

250 Runes - Protector (Lose 1 or less creatures and win the match)
15 Mana Crystals - Sacrifice* (Lose 10 or more creatures and win the match)

Opponents Starting Cards: Gaea's Revenge, Evolutionary Leap

Opponent Starting Hand Size: 2 Cards

Opponents Library:

Creatures (3)

Gaea's Revenge
Woodland Bellower
Outland Colossus

Spells (5)

Animists Awakening
Vine Snare
Mantle Of Webs
Nissas Revelation
Wild Instincts

Supports (2)

Evolutionary Leap
Rogues Passage

In my opinion, this battle is the hardest to win, and has the hardest objectives to complete given the circumstances. Gaea's Revenge has an all mighty Hexproof that doesn't work like Hexproof does in normal Magic The Gathering games. He can't be targeted by anything, can't be affected by global spells and abilities, and can't be affected by your supports. It really doesn't help that Evolutionary Leap starts in play as well, and there is a decent chance you will be looking at a nearly indestructible 18/12 at the start of your 2nd turn. Nothing but Heavy Hitters here, so any defender or berserker unable to do at least 6 damage will die a quick death.

Protector Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Nissa, Gideon

With Nissa, this objective might as well be a Speed Objective. You want to get as many non-defender heavy hitters out as quickly as possible, and keep using her 2nd ability to get that extra 15 damage per turn as much as possible. You need to do this before the opponent deals enough damage with Gaea's Revenge, and before Nissa can cast Mantle of Webs or Wild Instincts. Gideon will want a reinforced 1st striker out quickly with lifelink creatures to back him up. You need to get your 1st strike buffed enough to take out anything Nissa throws out something big enough to kill your creature. This is a VERY hard objective, particularly for 250 Runes. Requires luck as well as patience, but can be done. You want Evolutionary Leap to hit an unreachable gem on the bottom of the screen immediately, as well as start out with a decent mana cascade very early on.

Sacrifice* Strategy

The * is here because as it stands, Sacrifice objectives don't work like they should. Instead of the game counting your creatures that die, it only counts opponents creatures that die, so Sacrifice Objective is pretty much Destroyer Objective.

Recommended Walkers: Chandra

I tried many times to complete this objective with Gideon and Nissa using defenders, but the fact that you need creatures with high attack power combined with the fact that there are only 3 large mana cost creatures in this deck means you are essentially gauranteed to kill Nissa before you kill 10 creatures. The ONLY way I was able to complete this objective was using Chandra with a mix of Burn spells, Berserkers, a single Defender, and a Demolish. And it also took about a dozen tries before I was able to get it done. The idea is to quickly destroy Evolutionary Leap with Demolish and get a Berserker like Clan berserker or Embermaw out very early to take care of Gaea's Revenge. You want to keep berserkers ready with full mana in your hand by clicking the upright icon on their cards to turn them off until Nissa plays something you cant take down with your burn spells and 2nd Ability. Something that helped me here that some people don't generally play with is Pyromancers Goggles. It helped me keep my hand full with burn spells as well as keep berserkers ready since if your hand is full, goggles makes the last card in your hand free, regardless of what it is. If you have any advice or alternate strategies, PLEASE COMMENT! This objective is very difficult.

Nissa Heroic Battle #2

250 Runes - Defenseless (Win the match without playing any defenders)
15 Mana Crystals - Commander (Summon 9 or more creatures and win the match)

Starting Opponents Cards: Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen

Starting Opponents Hand Size: 5 Cards

Opponents Library:

Creatures (5)

Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen
Elvish Visionary
Leaf Gilder
Sylvan Messenger
Dwynen's Elite

Spells (2)

Animists Awakening
Joraga Invocation

Supports (1)

Sword of the Animist

Unknown (2)

Relatively easy battle, especially compared to the 1st Nissa Heroic Battle. Easy objectives accompany it as well. It seems two reach creatures buffed with Joraga Invocation can decimate an unsuspecting defence, but that seems to be the only major threat this deck has to offer.

Defenseless Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Any

Keep your best deck going and take out any defenders and replace them with some heavier hitters. The biggest creatures in Nissas deck have reach, so the only threat to your life is Sylvan Messenger. Be on the lookout for Nissa getting enough walker points for her 2nd ability, and plan for her to play Joraga Invocation if she has 2 creatures out on the battle field. Plan accordingly

Commander Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Chandra, Nissa

The easiest way to beat this is with Hangerback Walker. By the time you deal enough damage to kill Nissa, Hangerback will have already died and summoned enough Thoptors by himself to beat the objective, or you will have amassed at least 8 thoptors from gem matches. If you find yourself without Hangerback walker, there are a lot of thoptor summoning cards in Chandras arsenal, and you can hit 9 creatures in as few as 2 cards. Nissa should focus on filling her deck with very cheap hitters to ping the opponent and her reach creatures to death. Save Nissas walker points for her 2nd ability for when you finally cross that 9 creature mark.

Nissa Heroic Battle #3

250 Runes - Resilient (Take 8 or less damage and win the match)
15 Mana Crystals - Comeback (Take 88 or more damage and win the match)

Starting Opponents Cards: Honored Hierarch

Starting Opponents Hand Size: 3 Cards

Opponents Library

Creatures (6)

Honored Hierarch
Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen
Citadel Castellan
Skysnare Spider
Dwynen's Elite
Vastwood Gorger

Spells (3)

Joraga Invocation
Mantle of Webs
Animists Awakening

Supports (1)

Angels Tomb

This deck is filled to the brim with defenders/reach creatures. Joraga Invocation again decimates a defense not ready to deal with the problem since it lasts into your next turn as well. The objectives are not too difficult, but not too easy.

Resilient Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Gideon, Jace, Liliana

Gideon would be my first choice here. Since the opponent only starts with Hierarch, you have two turns to get your defender or first striker out. Keep buffing your first striker via supports and Gideons 2nd Ability until he can safely deal with Joraga or Nissas 2nd Ability. Jace will want to bounce anything and everything that comes out that can't be locked down by Claustrophobia. Liliana will want to maintain her death spells and berserkers like Graveblade Marauder. She can get the job done, but if you have Gideon or Jace leveled with decent cards, I recommend using them.

Comeback Strategy

Recommended Walkers: Any (Gideon)

This can easily be done with anyone if you have access to Orbs of Warding. Get Orbs out and just fill up but dont cast your cards in your hand. When you are about to die or cross that 88 damage threshold, throw out a massive offense to crush the opposing defenders/reach creatures. If you have Alhamerrets Archive as well, it makes it more easier than it already is with Orbs. If you don't, you are going to want to use Gideon. Using the same strategy, just save up your lifelink creatures, a 1st stiker to take care of the offense, and some supports to help your 1st strike creature. Unleash Hell when you start getting in the red zone.

Nissa Heroic Battle #4

250 Runes - Survivor (Win the match with 5 or less HP remaining)
15 Mana Crystals - Slow and Steady (Win the match in 25 or MORE turns)

Starting Opponents Cards: Managorger Hydra, Evolutionary Leap

Starting Opponents Hand Size: 4 Cards

Opponents Library

Creatures (1)

Managorger Hydra

Spells (8)

Titanic Growth
Evolving Wilds
Animists Awakening
Foundry of the Consuls
Nissas Revelation
Gather the Pack
Mantle of Webs
Joraga Invocation

Supports (1)

Evolutionary Leap

Very easy battle. Very easy objectives. This deck revolves completely around buffing Managorger with spells. Aside from 4 thoptors coming out from Foundry spell, you wont see any other offense from this deck. Managorger can reach pretty high stats if you leave him around, but you shouldn't have any issues beating this deck. Evolutionary Leap is not a threat as reinforcing a thoptor or Hydra doesn't pose a huge threat.

Survivor Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Gideon, Jace

As soon as you start the match click End Battle and restart the match at 9 health. Let Managorger hit you twice before either bouncing him or throwing out a defender. If you start the match without bounce or a defender, simply restart. If you take 3 damage and quit and restart, you will have 9 health again, so don't be afraid to keep restarting until you get your optimal starting hand. After you take care of Managorger, simply keep amassing your offense with Gideon (Stay away from Lifelink), or focus on keeping a couple bounce cards with Jace for when Thoptors or Hydra come out.

Slow and Steady

Recommended Walkers: Jace, Chandra

Jace will want to focus on bouncing anything that comes out until about turn 20ish. Once you hit that mark, unleash a couple creatures to start pinging. When you finally hit turn 25, unleash anything else you have and give it all you've got. If you find yourself short on bounce spells, remember to use Jaces 2nd ability to draw another bounce spell by limiting your deck to only bounces. Chandra can dispose of Hydra 1st turn with 6 mana. Keep saving mana for burn spells and her 2nd ability for when something comes out. Same thing as Jace. At about turn 20ish, start pinging, and finish Nissa off once you see that 25th round start.

Nissa Heroic Battle #5

250 Runes - Aggressive (Play 1 or less Supports and win the match)
15 Mana Crystals - Artificer (Play 8 or more Supports and win the match)

Starting Opponents Cards: Skysnare Spider, Nissas Pilgrimage, Evolutionary Leap

Starting Opponents Hand Size: 2 Cards

Opponents Library:

Creatures (3)

Skysnare Spider
Honored Hierarch
Conclave Naturalists

Spells (5)

Titanic Growth
Alchemists Vial
Joraga Invocation
Nissas Revelation

Supports (2)

Evolutionary Leap
Nissas Pilgrimage

Starting against Skysnare isn't the biggest threat, but with Evolutionary Leap in play, it can get ugly fast. There are only 3 creatures in the deck, so bounce, burn, death, berserk, defender cards can deal with all 3 easily, assuming Evo Leap doesn't get out of hand. The objectives are relatively easy to deal with, so that's always a plus.

Aggressive Strategy:

Recommended Walkers: Any

Simply don't put any supports in your deck to easily beat this one. Make sure you include something to take care of Skysnare and you shouldn't have an issue with this one.

Artificer Strategy

Recommended Walkers: Jace, Gideon

Load up your Gideon deck with Supports and keep one buffed character out, preferably one with 1st strike, until you hit your 8th Support. Jace can get this done without the higher possibility of killing Nissa too early by using supports like Claustrophobia, Jaces Sanctum, Sphinx Tutelage, and Jeyemdae Supports. Keep controling the game and bouncing creatures until you get your 8th Support out and then unleash a few creatures. Jaces 1st ability will help a lot since you can kill skysnare and hierarch without taking damage by giving them -6/-0 and ramming them with a non flier like harbinger. Another relatively easy Mana Crystal objective.


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    If you have any advice or alternate strategies, PLEASE COMMENT! This objective is very difficult.

    Regarding Nissa #1, 3rd objective (the one that starts with Gaea's Avenger and Evolutionary Leap in Play, here's how I defeated it:

    JACE, LEVEL 50

    Bonded Construct
    Brawler's Plate
    Day's Undoing
    Mizzium Meddler
    Screeching Skaab
    Sigiled Starfish
    Sword of the Animist
    Talent of the Telepath
    Turn to Frog


    Throw down a Brawler's Plate, some sort of Warm Body and smash into it. 2 Screeching Skaabs or 1 Mizzium Meddler will do, if Evolutionary Leap hasn't kicked in. By the time this happens, you might be below 1/2 your original starting life total.

    NOTE: Don't play any more cards than you have to. Keep them turned off unless you absolutely need them to kill Gaea's Revenge (or to dig for cards which will).


    Try to get as many Turn to Frogs into your hand as possible, and get them fully charged. (Sword of the Animist can sometimes generate mana). I had at least 2 Turn to Frog in my hand, plus a Disperse by the time the next creature came down (Woodland Bellower). Note: if you are killing your opponent too quickly, it may be necessary to kill your own Mizzium Meddler with Turn to Frog before it gets out of hand. However, Nissa does randomly give herself 20 life here and there.


    If the last spell you cast was Turn to Frog, and Jace has at least 12 loyalty, you can use his -12 ability to put a fully charged Turn to Frog into your hand. Note that if you Turn to Frog an enemy frog, it still counts as a kill. If you Disperse the Frog, this also counts as a kill. So, you don't have to wait for Nissa to cast 10 different creatures to get 10 kills.

    Phase 4: WIN THE GAME.

    After you have 10 kills, throw as much power onto the board and finish Nissa off ASAP. (Note: Day's Undoing will cast Bonded Construct and Screeching Skaab for free if it draws them. Also note that Talent of the Telepath will cast Day's Undoing for Free if it finds it (or put a free Bonded Construct / Screeching Skaab onto the board if you have room for them).

    At each point in the game, different cards are key. Know which cards you need for the current phase, and charge the ones you will need for the next phase. You can use Talent of the Telepath to dig for cards you need, and Day's Undoing to fill your hand if you are completely out of gas.