List of "typed" creatures

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Since we can't view them directly in game, I think we need to compile a list of known creature types for the various cards that affect them. I'll edit this list with people's replies to this topic. PLEASE only post actually observed interactions (successful effects generated by said cards)

Anyway, here we go, starting with cards I own and have VERIFIED PERSONALLY.

ELVES (affected by:Sylvan Messenger, Dwynen's Elite, Shaman of the Pack, Thornwbow Archer, possibly others?)

-Sylvan Messenger
-Conclave Naturalists
-Llanowar Empath
-Dwynen's Elite

GOBLINS (affected by goblin piledriver, possibly others?)

-Goblin tokens

ZOMBIES (affected by Cruel Revival, possibly others?)

-Shambling Ghoul
-Undead Servant

Looking forward to hearing from the rest of y'all.


  • Enoc99
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    Deadbridge Shaman
    Dwynen's Elite
    Elf Warrior (Created by Dwynen's Elite)
    Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen
    Elvish Visionary
    Eyeblight Assassin
    Gilt-Leaf Winnower
    Gnarlroot Trapper
    Leaf Gilder
    Llanowar Empath
    Shaman of the Pack
    Sylvan Messenger
    Thornbow Archer
    Yeva's Forcemage

    Boggart Brute
    Goblin Glory Chaser
    Goblin Piledriver
    Subterranean Scout
    Goblin Token (Created by Dragon Fodder)

    Fleshbag Marauder
    Nantuko Husk
    Possessed Skaab
    Returned Centaur
    Scrapskin Drake
    Screeching Skaab
    Shambling Ghoul
    Skaab Goliath
    Undead Servant