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I've been playing awhile now, but I can't seem to find where it shows me how much mana I have or need. Also is there a way to know what colours I need to match to have certain creatures or spells come out on the board? Thanks!


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    In the top right corner of the cards in your hand, you will see a number. This is how many mana you need to cast the card, assuming the card isn't situational and can be cast. As you obtain mana, the number will get lower until it can be cast.

    As for colors, every match you make nets you mana (aside from walker orbs). The strategy here is to make the matches that give you the most mana. When you touch your planeswalker during a battle, you can see which color matches give you the most mana. For example, if your black orb has a -1 underneath it, you will only get 2 mana for matching 3 black gems. If it has a +2 underneath it, you will get 5 mana for matching 3 gems.

    Hope this helps