Should trap cards be activated too?

EDUSAN Posts: 197 Tile Toppler
Considering how useless cards with the trap mechanic (maybe except priest of the blood rite), would the cards using the mechanic be LESS useless if the player playing them could also activate them in their turn?

would that make them OP?

for Instance: Tainted Remedy. Would it be OP if, after paying 15 mana for the card, the turn after playing it i would be able to heal my creatures by 2 (before attacking) and damaging the enemy creatures by 2? i could maybe kill a weak defender or transform a bad trade into a good one.

Shadows of the Past. Would it be OP if i could trigger 4 damage / 4 heal in my turn besides if it happens by chance on my enemy turn?

Priest of the Blood Rite. Would i care that much to receive some damage if i activate the trap by chance (or maybe because i wanted that 3 or 4 black gems match anyway)

The ONLY card that i see that could be potentially op if the game would let me activate the traps is the BLUE card: DreadWaters (i didnt even know this card existed until now). To be able to destroy the 1st card in my enemy's hand on demand (when possible) is pretty powerful.

Trap cards cant stay like this. Paying 14-15 for a card that does nothing (except Priest) UNLESS the enemy bumps into it is almost a dead sentence in a match.
and to add to the 2 black supports that use this, the fact that it traps black cards make them cards waaaaaaaaaaaay worse. I, as a black player, WANT to match the black gems, but that would destroy the trapped gems and the enemy (unless is black) doesnt WANT to match them because they might be bad for him. It should say something like "trap NOT black" to be a bit more relevant



  • Gun Bunny
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    The fact that tainted remedy and shadows of the past are ridiculously overcosted/undershielded (take your pick) for what they do, yes, I agree that trap/activation mechanics need tweaking. Especially the one turn activation cards (evolving wilds is completely useless IMHO).