Mythic and rare ratio drop

Too resume, I'll leave here the review I just post in the applestore. My advice to the developers is to buff ratio to get rares / mythics, or I am sure they will keep losing a lot of players.

Unfortunately, I'm one of them. Farewell.

"After 3 big boxes, plus some other boosters opened, I coudn't get a single mythic card. I am glad to have not spen't a $ in this game, as another big box will cost about 25$ and I have a reasonable good chance to get nothing to improve my decks.

My last big box gave me only 3 rares (2 new) and this ratio to get rare / mythic cards are ridiculous in comparison to other games. Real MTG gives about 1 mythic per 8 boosters, Heartstone gives about 1 legendary per 20 boosters. Here I opened more than 60 (5 cards) pack and no mythic cards.

I had some fun for a while, but even that I can't recommend to anyone invest time in this game."