What covers do you get for your champions?

I was simply wondering why there isn't a compendium for what 4* covers you get for the 3* champions at level 183 (and so on?) This may help us decide which characters we want to champion.

For example, I know 3* Classic Magneto gets you Professor X (who I have championed), but Black Panther 3* gets you Mr. Fantastic (who I never use). Some make sense like Cap gets Cap, but some don't, Storm Gets Thor.

Anybody want to help compile this?
Black Widow > Nick Fury
Patch > Xforce Wolverine
Thor > Red Hulk
Dr. Doom > Mr. Fantastic
Storm > Thor
Hulk > Totally Awesome Hulk
Human Torch > Thing
Falcon > Captain America
Captain America > Captain America

Please list others in the comments below!
Oh, and 4* that are championed get Gold and Command points every other level (awesome!)