'Ante' matches for cards, 40 card decks, colored runes, ...

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A suggestion I have to get new cards and use duplicates would be making a way to play for ante. You would be able to gamble a duplicate card you have in a storymode type match and you will get the same rarity card if you win of the card you anted up. Of course playing a match to trade out a duplicate mythic for another random one will be more difficult than one for a common. This would encourage players to get more cards and make better decks to win better cards. You can even have specific challenges so you can ante any card color but are guaranteed a certain color based on which challenge you do, like a certain color planeswalker.

40 card decks
Another use for duplicates would be being able to put up to 4 of a single card in a deck, each copy more than one will increase your odds of drawing it in the game. Now automatically every player will want a playset of 4 of each card (good for the developers), but may only use 4x of the ones they want to draw the most in a deck.
This can be either 40 card decks total, or 10 card decks with UP TO 4x of each card to allow for increased chances of specific cards being drawn.

Selling cards
person to person trading is not possible and would not be in the interest of the developers. However being able to sell back to the game duplicates (or any duplicates in excess of 4) for crystals will keep people buying more packs.
I suggest the lowest values of crystals traded in for being
2 for common,
3 for uncommon,
15 for rare,
and 60 for mythic.

Planeswalker Ablities and leveling up
Increasing the cost of each planeswalker ability as they level up is a really bad idea. I stand by my opinion posted before that you should be able to use lower level versions at any time, so 9 buttons instead of 3 when selecting which planeswalker ability to use. That is the main reason people dont level up their planeswalkers.
If you want to make it so you have to level them up and not have people rage quit then make it so experience (runes) earned are automatically applied to a planeswalker when earned. That way a player cant level a superior planeswalker up and give all the earned runes at 50 to their worse planeswalkers, so the only way a planeswalker can be leveled is by earning themselves.
With this in place, the only way to earn generic runes would be from a maxed out planeswalker or from winning a match reward. Runes can even be made color associated, for example red runes are earned from Chandra, and can only be used to level up a red planeswalker (thinking ahead when more planeswalkers are introduced). You can even make it so selling cards gets you colored runes instead of crystals (of course color appropriate to the card sold).

In paper magic, a new set of cards comes out every 3 months with many other card releases each year, such as dual decks etc. MTGPQ should give us an upcoming schedule so we know when to expect more cards entering into the game pool. This will positively affect spending with appropriately times sales and keep it fresh and exciting for players. Giving previews of new planeswalkers and cards will keep players logging in more and playing.

I would like to mention that I think the music and visuals to this game are really excellent. Good job guys. The great music adds a lot the game and increases replay value. Please keep it up and add more soundtracks. Possibly add themes for each color or planeswalker, and allow players to manually choose which soundtracks (and a random setting) when grinding in pvp mode.


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    Gettin bored of the game so I will shortly answer to the suggestions here:

    Ante thing: not well designed imo.
    If the encounter is too difficult luck would be a major factor so ppl would not feel comfortable in playing it.
    If it is too easy then free mythics for all.

    40 card deck: unless you FORCE a 40 card deck(meaning no less than 40) there is no reason to put 4xcopies of all your cards cause the chances would be exactly the same as of now. The only thing it would accomplish would be having some 4x copies and some 1x but then if the only limit is "10 different cards" all decks would be like 4x good cards, 1x mediocre card. This would increase consistency but at the same time making the flow of the game much more linear than now.
    That is not a good solution imo

    Selling cards: obvious one.
    It all depends on what will they decide to do with runes.
    Ofc imo mythic and rare should give mana crystals.

    Pwalker abilities: I still think they should simply make the cost fixed and rebalance effect to be never worse than previous one.
    Also since it is fixed in cost to avoid higher pwalker from having too much advantage(for pvp purposes) effects should not increase too much between ranks.
    Gideon 1st skill could be ok with current effects for instance while Chandra 2nd would not
    Chandra second could be:
    Rank 1 2 damage to creature and 1 to all other creatures
    Rank 2 3 damare to creature and 2to all others opponent controls
    Rank 3 4 damage to creature and 3 to all other creatures

    Same thing could be done for all skills.
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    I was thinking of a similar idea; however, instead of a random battle make it over bluetooth. Would be nice to be able to play a game against a friend.

    Selling Cards:
    I like this idea. Having another way to earn crystals (now that story mode 2nd objective has changed to runes).

    PW abilities:
    Gideon is the only one that I have really felt the crunch of the increased cost per ability level, and it would be nice to see some adjustments made.