Lost account

Hello D3 publishers and the people involved in the company.
I would like to report an issue with the gamecenter... my account "ChillerThriller153 got deleted because of my gamecenter
and it is only letting me play on my siblings account. I can tell you everything I had on it because it was my account
what I had was
golden sandy
golden Dr.Death 52 atk 15 def
golden lady Mary 27atk 30def
golden x-large spirit soldier 7atk 40def
golden sand jackal 9atk 31def
gold field reaper 37atk 20def
sludger 15 atk 15 def
ghost sludger 1 atk 23 def
ghost castle:gail 8atk and 8 def
and a black card!!! bald mans throme
and plenty more.
can you plese overlap my account "slamtheblackcat" with ChillerThriller153 please
give me my account back I really want it back and since the age update I am now 13 from being 11


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