What to do with 57000+ Runes?

Turner82p Posts: 11
I have levelled up all of my planeswalkers to level 50, so now I have nothing to spend my runes on.
They are just building up and up and it seems kind of stupid really.
Maybe, we would use them to enter special tournaments or bring back being able to buy cards. icon_mrgreen.gifmanarune.pngicon_e_geek.gif


  • Perhaps we could give them to some poor kids that have no runes at all.
    If I think about how many kids don't have any runes in their life, it always makes me sad. icon_cry.gif
  • Would be a good idea to introduce a mechanism to merge duplicate cards (with a rune costto perform) or level-up cards in order to utilize excess runes.

    There are many game mechanics they could introduce or test to use extra runes. I'm hoping they really expand this game before intriducing too many more new cards to the game. Very excited for the future icon_e_smile.gif

  • Seems like the easy thing to do would be to let players trade ruins in for gems.. even if it is a crazy amount... 25000 for 10 gems, or something... what makes me kinda angry is if you are in the top 15 in a quick battle chances are you don't need ruins... I did most of the story line and bought all the plainswalkers, after that it's just a waste...

    I am at like 50k+ now..

    Or maybe buy into a monthly drawing to wins some cards.

    IDK it is frustrating to not be able to use something you have "earner"..
  • nexus13
    nexus13 Posts: 191 Tile Toppler
    Horde them patiently and when they finally release a new Planeswalker you can insta max level it.
    Or you can always hold back and try to finish in the 17 to 26 range each QB like I do and collect the crystals, I still have way more runes than I have a use for currently. My PW's aren't all maxed but they are at their optimal levels. If they fix the fact that some are worse at higher levels then I'll max them all.
  • fox1342
    fox1342 Posts: 174 Tile Toppler
    I'd love QB to have crystals at all the higher levels. It's silly trying to fall into the 17-23 placing because I've no use for another booster of uncommons, and runes are even more useless.