Healing with runes?

heykirby Posts: 12
Just got my first planeswalker to 50, which I've been putting off doing since I downloaded this because I had a feeling that once I hit 50 I wouldn't be able to heal with runes. Before 1.31 I tried to only level when I was binge playing so that I would run out of potions and have all PWs mostly dead before leveling. Then they balanced how many ribbons you get based on your level and I was forced to start leveling if I wanted to rise in the leaderboard. Now in 1.31 there's even more ways to get runes and even less ways to spend them. To my knowledge they can't be spent on cards, on potions, on healing, or anything but leveling. I've already got one PW at 50 and have about 60k runes still, so almost enough to max out most of my PWs. Is there anything you can spend them on once your levels are all maxed? I'd be willing to shell out 5-10k on a single heal. So that's like 15-30 wins to get a single heal worth of runes, that seems reasonable. Or just make it so you can buy potions with runes OR money. I'm just a poor kid trying to get what he can out of this.


  • I recommend you get your 2nd PW up to level 50, and possibly get a 3rd PW.

    Reason being in Quick-battles you can very easily swap PWs in between matches, so you give PW1 time to heal while you play a match with PW2. The more PWs you have, the more time you can spend allowing both your other PWs to regenerate, and to accumulate regular heals up more often.

    I have 3 maxed PWs myself, and I haven't run out of heals since I got the 3rd.
  • That still doesn't give me any use for runes after levelling though.
  • Nah just bank them for now (or buy more PWs if you're desperate to spend them). It seems pretty inevitable that D3 is going to release more PWs sooner than later, so if you have the Runes banked you can level them up quickly when they come out.

    But yes, there isn't a ton of use for extra runes right now.